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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Dome Homes

A while back, I came upon an architectural design that keeps resurfacing on the internet. While probably not the future of housing in America, they certainly are a visually-appealing approach to architecture many of the students here have blogged about. The “Dome Home” is an intriguing design that, among the many modern-looking house designs, looks to bring […]

Benefits of Flat Design for websites

Here is list of why Flat Design is becoming a popular trend on websites. 1. Flat scales better to a smaller screen especially mobile websites and app 2. Flat designs require fewer images 3. Are less complicated to code 4. Gives your website a faster loading time 5. Flat design lets the user focus on […]

Design is Dead (?)

In my opinion, “design” in the world of products like the Shamwow or the Shakeweight may be debatably dead. However, the word that appears to have come to replace it, “innovation”, looks to be the industry norm. After reading the piece in Seventy-Nine Short Essays on Design, “Innovation is the New Black”, I’ve been starting to […]

Vacation, on the Rocks

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Ice Hotels before, you’re in for a frosty treat. Across Canada, Finland, Japan, Norway, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland, these monumental structures are constructed primarily from snow and ice blocks (a cheaper resource than steel, concrete, etc.). Their structural integrity depends on extremely cold climates to stay […]

Blooming Tea

This blooming flower tea pod is amazing, The size of the glass teapot, and the blooming flower are well proportioned. This is also a good way of passing time while you wait for your tea to steep. I have one of these personally, and they are beautiful to watch. The tea is high quality as […]

Booze Branding

The average American spends 1 percent of their income on alcohol according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Considering that the designs on bottles and packaging has significant impact on what a consumer decides to purchase, would it not be fair for beer brewing companies to hire a team of designers to visually attract […]

Typeface Visual Assault

Of the many deadly sins a designer can commit, one of the most atrocious and noticeable ones is the use of more than a reasonable number of typefaces. Print designs traditionally implement only 2, maybe 3 typefaces in a document (I even asked my sister who’s been working in the industry for ~5 years now; […]

Fun Flash Drives!

We love trying unique products because they’re fun! USB flash drives have become very popular since their introduction a decade ago, and designers have been exploring how to make them appealing and interesting to the public. Some designs include: The Banana USB – Concealable, but not edible! Cigar Pipe USB – I wouldn’t advise trying […]

Excuse my Architecture

Frank Gehry is a very well renowned Architect, his most well known designed building is the Disney Concert Hall in Los angeles. He puts a lot of thought time and effort into his designs, some of his buildings even being designed and made using airplane designing software. He and a team of designers sit together […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Umbrellas are some of our most-trusted companions during the winter season. Well, most times. Imagine it’s a cold and rainy day, and the winds have started to pick up. You’re clinging to your umbrella as though to dear life and then the worst happens…your umbrella turns inside out. Aaahh!! Fear no more, the Senz windproof […]