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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Art or Vandalism?

Graffiti. Mostly thought of for its connection with cheap gang territory signage and an annoying sort of vandalism, has gotten a bad reputation over the years. For many people graffiti is a form of public art that enhances the general feeling and vibe of a community. Local artists can use an array of mediums to […]

Sex Sells, Right?

A little over a decade ago, Calvin Klein launched a very riske and controversial advertising campaign for their jeans that ended up doubling their revenue.  A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian released images from a photoshoot she took exposing everything… I mean EVERYTHING. She is a brand and in releasing these photos her awareness was heightened […]

The Art of Comics

Have you read Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi? It’s a autobiographical graphic novel that shows the author’s life when she lived in Iran and how the Islamic Revolution impacted her life. It’s a beautiful read and I highly recommend it! Anyway, while reading the novel, I realized how much work and effort is put into every page of the […]

From Nazi Germany to American Staple – The VW Beetle.

The Volkswagon Beetle that we see zipping down 66 or 495 on a daily basis has become an iconic American car associated with liberation, the sixty’s, flower power, and free-living hipsters. But what most people don’t know is where the VW Beetle came from and how it become the American symbol that it did. During […]

Arabic Calligraphy

Lately, I’ve been exploring the topic of Arabic calligraphy and its history. It is so important to me since the Qur’an’s verses are written through this art form. However, after it dominated the Arabian Peninsula, the calligraphic form of Arabic script became a principal element for all kinds of documents and manuscript embellishment. The language […]

The Ultimate Mind You Know What!

Whether you are driving, biking, or walking down most streets in America you are sure to see one or more fast food restaurant along the way. Whether it be McDonald’s golden arches or Wendy’s adorable Pipi Longstocking’s type character – all fast food restaurants logos have one thing in common. COLOR! If you notice, red […]

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, It’s the Best Time of the Year!

Have you ever wondered down 5th Avenue or sipped hot coco outside of Rockefeller Center around Christmas time and gazed upon the incredible department store windows during Christmas time? They are nothing short of amazing. Hundreds of people huddle together to watch the metaphorical curtain go up and get the first view of the amazingly […]

What is it and Who are they?

What constitutes something as design and what labels someone a designer? Over the Thanksgiving break, I was lucky enough to spend the holiday with my family and indulge upon on my mothers incredible cooking. But, one thing I found myself thinking was that my mom is definitely a designer. As I looked around the house […]

Rivers and Tides: Earth Art

I thought Rivers and Tides was a fascinating documentary film about Andy Goldsworthy, a sculptor who created his art using natural materials such as rocks, leaves, flowers and icicles. I like the fact that he used the seasons to accomplish his works like the icicles that are place between the rocks. In creating art using […]

The Evolution of Starbucks

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Starbucks as evolved its logo to include a more minimalistic pictoral image and no word mark. Originally, the Starbucks logo began with a word mark, a pictoral image, and descriptive words to indicate what they sell. Over the past forty years Starbuck’s has become a multi-billion dollar franchise that has expanded […]