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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Six seconds on the Vine

6 seconds isn’t long, in six seconds you can put your food into the microwave but not heat it, or turn the water on and shiver as you try to find the right temperature but don’t quite get it in time. Likely, not long ago, we once thought it was impossible to tell an entire […]

Greg Land and Professional Plagiarism

Whether you love or hate comic books, all people who know about them can admit that there’s some drama within the network of people who make them, but if you ask the artist side of the fanbase of Marvel comics who’s the most controversial artist, you’ll get at least a few who chant in unison: […]

When Do Small Problems Become Big Problems?

  Have you ever met that one person who hated a favorite movie of yours for the dumbest reasons? Say that a simple plot hole or the tiniest of errors completely ruins a film for that person. In some cases, they get angry. Then you want to scream in their face, “it’s just a movie!” Doug […]

Swiss Army Knife of American Design

We tend to forget the vibrant origins of graphic design and the prodigious minds within its shadows.  While designers like Paula Scher or Saul Bass shined in the limelight, others were silently shaping the mold of innovations. Queue Erik Nitsche. Nitsche brought to American design what Pollock brought to abstract expressionism, a new context to visual […]

Skottie Does Know

Scottie Young is a multi talented comic book artist and writer.  I have been following his blog for a few years now.  It started out as a way that he could get exposure within daily sketches and even with all of his success in the industry, he continues to post sketches on a regular basis. His […]

Dara Gold Inspires Me To Not Drink Tea

Dara Gold is a Canadian illustrator who works in the video game industry, but when she’s not working on video games, she’s playing around with tea.. More specifically tea stains! I  first came across her work a few years ago when I was looking for project ideas for my drawing class. I just remember seeing […]


Who doesn’t like playing God? Creating whoever, whatever, whenever, wherever. However, the simple task of creation is as complex as the creative individual behind it. We don’t necessarily know what we’ll create; we just know we have the power to. Limitless power! Almost…but that is the concept to one of video games’ most invigorating genre: […]

He Will Now Unite the Seven

  During the 1960s, DC comics had a successful cartoon called Superfriends.  It was an amalgamation of characters from their Justice League books.  And the butt of every joke associated with the show stemmed from the comical depiction of Aquaman.  Batman had gadgets, Wonderwoman had the invisible plane, Superman could fly and had super strength; but what about […]

Do Your Eyes Deceive You?

Is it black and blue or gold and white? The craze over what color the dress (shown above) actually is has struck society. And it should. Even being in the art world knowing that lighting and compensation occur, our minds still register colors differently. This idea of our eyes deceiving us occurs constantly when working […]


Have you ever worked on a project and hit that wall? You know, the one that stops your creative juices from flowing. There is a website called Designspirtation, where designers from all over put their work on display. If you are like me and spend hours of your life looking at pins on pinterest, imagine […]