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Monthly Archives: March 2015

A Tiny Barnes and Nobles

It’s 6:30am and I’m up doing my morning ritual of checking for new updates on Tumblr. Every now and then I look at trending topics for any interest. If there was nothing I would go to Recommended Blogs. Tumblr always changed their blogs and topics, so sometimes, you never know what you come across. Fortunately, […]

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

  The art world has expanded over time by artist using different mediums and techniques. Artist are finding more and more ways to be creative and develop art on a higher level. The artist, Peregrine Church, found a ways to make his art distinguishable. Church’s one-of-a-kind work comes out on days when least expected.  By passers on […]

Web Design Elements Whose Time Has Come

People could not have been happier when Microsoft announced the death of Internet Explorer this month. Research and development for a new Microsoft browser is currently underway. Most designers have already ditched Internet Explorer because no one seems to use it except a few senior citizens. The last time I remember using it was to […]


Yes, these sculptures are made from sticks of colored wax, Crayons. These astonishing sculptures were made by Herb Williams.  Herb works with many different mediums but his most prominent is Crayola. This task is very time consuming and tedious. It’s amazing how you can take thousands of crayons and make life size animals, cars, and people. […]

Art in Public

Saturday, March 21st was my last trip to New York with the Art Bus. It was always fun to visit the best museums and galleries in the wolrd. My best part of the day was taking the metro to go to the metropolitan museum; however, I accidently took the wrong line and it just happened […]

Bring the Light!

  For a long time I have been enthralled with the idea of adding light sources to artwork. More particularly, I am drawn to the technique of adding and arranging fiber optic cables in fine arts mediums such as a painting or a drawing. I have yet to see a comprehensive tutorial video on how […]

Stay Relevant!

    As graphic designers it is our duty to stay up to date with the current most popular trends in the design world. We may have our own tastes, but when it comes to designing for clients or the general public our designs need to appear fresh and modern. Oddly enough any trend ( whether […]

The Power of Advertising

1. Before it’s too late 2. Certain things hang on forever 3. Plastic bags kill 4. He has his mother’s eyes    Above are some of the most emotional evoking advertisements that strike viewers to their core. The strong imagery, combined with a simple word or phrase, triggers such clarity in any audience who witnesses […]

Finally, a museum that welcomes selfies

Ever wanted to take a selfie with one of your favorite paintings in a museum but were promptly stopped by a stern looking museum guard? Whenever you are in an art museum, you are always expected to stick to the “no touch” and “no photo” rules. Recently, the world’s top museums following the Smithsonian’s lead, […]

Living Dolls

No, these are not real dolls. They are living, breathing models in Barbie-like makeup and costumes. Artist Laurie Simmons has always been fascinated by dolls. She is best known for her 1970’s photographs of doll-house interiors . Inspired by Japanese cosplay culture, Simmons decided to make her own version of living dolls. The models were […]