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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Snap Art

Pop Art was intended to counter the traditional forms of artwork with so much emphasis on the materials, process and the resulting piece of work that it focused on using ordinary, everyday items that were easily recognizable from popular culture. Popular choices included items that were often seen in magazines, advertisements or in other popular […]

Face Off

Face Off is a television series on SyFy where talented makeup artists from around the world compete in creating creature designs for a chance to win prizes and generate opportunities to showcase their talent. In each of the episodes, the contestants are challenged by given  a theme and their objective is to transform a model into […]

The art of Finger Dancing PNUT

  This video shows finger dancing, which the artist makes different sharp movements with his fingers to demonstrate his imagination. There is a great music playing while the artist’s move his hands with the tone at the same time, which shows great motions in different ways that is connected with our lives. He does slow […]

Tebori Tats

  Tebori is the name for Japanese traditional style of hand tattooing. The style itself originated around the 18th and 19th century in Japan’s capital city of Edo ( later renamed by Emperor Meiji to Tokyo). What makes this unique compared to modern day’s style of tattooing, is the tools that are used to carry […]

Art Anatomy

What is the purpose of art? This question has been of controversy in schools over the last few years. Danny Quirk, artist and photographer,  can be an example to all when it comes to the debacle of art vs. education or art vs. purpose. He has been able to take his talents as a drawer […]

A 3D- printed Chair that Can Grow

When we talk about 3D printing, usually the first thing that cames to mind is industrially-produced, oil-based,  plastic-like materials melted and layered into structures. However, this 3D-printed Mycelium Chair is completely made of organic materials.  Studio Eric Klarenbeek in Amsterdam, is exploring 3D-printing methods that use living organisms and local raw materials to create products […]

Instagram for designers

Instagram is much more than a place to share photos of your dog or your freshly painted nails. For designers, Instagram can be one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to advance our careers. Recently, renowned design writer Alice Rawsthorn shared her insights on using Instagram as a great design criticism tool. She […]

Art with hands as objects

    Artist Guido Daniele’s hand-painted illusions are unique. When Italian artist Guido Daniele was hired by an advertising agency to create paintings of animals on human bodies, he went beyond art and became interested about showing action. Daniele said, “I researched each animal in depth to see how I could transfer it to a […]

Bill Clinton’s Shadow of Lies

The shadow of the Lewinsky scandal will, literally, follow Bill Clinton forever. Nelson Shank a famous portrait painter has recently been the gossip in the political and art world. Having his painting of Bill Clinton hanging in the National Portrait Gallery, he has caused an uproar with a simple shadow. In the portrait, Clinton stands […]

Anti-Forgery Passport Design

Many countries have been considering redesigning their passports lately. Apparently, their primary goal is to prevent counterfeiters. Improvement on travel passports usually comes along with advancement in technology that includes hidden electronic chips and more high security devices. Images used on passports’ pages are just a traditional security technique. So, wouldn’t it be beautiful if […]