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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Photoshop 1.0

Could you imagine trying to create anything without layers, live preview, only one undo, and 1/4 of the tools we have today? But really are you kidding me, only ONE undo? A group of art professionals decided to test themselves by attempting to create a Photoshop 1.0 tutorial. Though it is really quite fun to […]

Spiritual Light Painting

Lee Jeong Lok is a Korean photographer who is deeply religious and spiritual. This influence can be seen and reflected on his photoseries of natural landscape light painting called “Tree of Life”. This work is absolutely beautiful because Lee is expressing his beliefs, feelings and emotions through these illuminated metaphors to create the sense of […]

Shred of Decency

When many of us see homophobic propaganda like leaflets we merely think, that’s a shame people saying such terrible things like that and then toss is in the garbage. the end. But an Irish company has thought of an absolutely brilliant way of using them in a completely new way — turn it into confetti […]

Programmable Table

In a society where mobility is crucial the objects we keep need to follow that same principle. Simplicity and efficiency rule our modern world told so shouldn’t our furniture follow that as well? MIT’s Self-Assembly lab and Wood-Skin S.r.l have collaborated to create a new type of furniture. It can self-transform from shipping (flatten itself […]

9 Squares Collaboration

Mental roadblocks, we all get them, it seems to be virtually impossible to avoid them. There are, however, some ways to work through them. On of which — for designers at least — is to doodle. Just being able to let your mind wonder iteratively helps idea flow without really trying. The neat blog “9 Squares” […]

The Story of Sushi

  This looks like just a normal photograph of a boat and fishers right? Well it’s not. This is a diorama created by Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber. They have been creating dioramas and miniatures for over fourteen years. This particular project of theirs is called The Story of Sushi. In order to create the […]

The Mythical Golden Ratio

  One of the principles that everyone knows in the world of art is the golden ratio. If you’re trying to make anything look nice whether it’s a photograph, logo, website, painting, or anything of that nature a go to is always the golden ratio. We’ve always been told that it’s what defines beauty. Anything […]

A Guilty Designer

All of us, I do not care how long or how short of a time that you’ve been designing for, have made mistakes and done things the wrong was. We’ve all accidentally done something, sometimes it’s just a small little mistake, while other times it can be a lot worse. Cleverly someone started the #designerConfessions for […]

“ Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”

Expo Milan 2015 is going under the theme “ Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” which will open up May 1st until October. The theme explores issues of agriculture, sustainable development, and the hardships to fight hunger. In response to these issues, the Expo will display energy conservation, environmental protection and natural resources solutions. This […]

The Almost Invisible Church

  Religion is something that is not visually present but for many is still physically there. That is the idea that inspired a Belgian architectural group, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, to build a church that from certain angles looks to be a pretty normal church. When seen though a different angle and different light the church […]