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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Inspiration Through Games

  The Farcry Series is known for its beautiful landscapes and graphic detail within their game designs but how is it possible to tie the games into your own design practices? One redditor and designer decided to take the game that he liked and use it as inspiration to further his creative lettering. He took […]

HOW TO: Choose A Typeface

Have you ever been designing a project and just could not get that right typeface? Something was just a little off about everyone you chose? Maybe it was just too casual? Or not casual enough? Maybe it was too basic? Or too extreme? There is a poster for $20 from The Design Deck that can […]

Typeface Matters

According to a new article written by the Washington Post, Times New Roman is no longer an acceptable typeface to use in resumes. Times New Roman is the “equivalent to putting on sweatpants for an interview”. Personally, I do not find the typeface within itself lazy like sweatpants, however I can see the rational behind […]

There’s an artist in all of us.

  The story begins with a girl looking through her father’s old belongings and stumbling across a rolled up tube from the 1980’s.  Unraveling the tube she revealed a incredibly intricate hand drawn maze that her father, Kazuo Nomura, spent 7 years drawing during his break times as a janitor.  Excited at the opportunity to […]

Stop Playing with Your Food!

  Seattle based photographer Brittany Wright took everyone’s parents scoldings and decided to completely run with it.  Using every food you could think of, and then some you probably wouldn’t, Wright creates these incredible gradients and swatches of color solely using those found foods.  It’s interesting because, besides burning some toast (which everyone is guilty of […]

“…until you’ve sung an opera in their shoes!”

David Leventi truly gives you that experience of being in the shoes of a world famous operatic singer, or at least what their view looks like from center stage.  Using incredibly light sensitive cameras, and long exposure times capture all the fine details of some of the worlds more renowned opera houses.  The article I read […]

Interactive Digital Art

Isn’t an interactive art display fun? Miguel Chevalier is a French digital artist who is uniquely known for his contemporary interactive digital art. Chevalier artwork has been displayed in Norway, Mexico, and Morocco. Personally, one my favorite interactive artwork of his is set in Casablanca, Morocco. He has created a digital interactive light floor carpet […]

How Far We’ve Come

These are some, if not the earliest known colored photos created by one of the greatest British engineers, Mervyn Gorman.  While he was was the head of the Royal Aircraft Establishment during WW1, he was also extremely interested in art and became an early front runner in the technology behind color photography.  Using a single plate […]

The New Way To Add A Facebook Friend

Ever want to add a friend in real life? Let me be more clear. Ever want to not actually add a friend.. but in real life? I’ve probably confused you even more. Hopefully these images help. It’s an actual “Add Friend” button, the same one you would see on Facebook, only it’s been made into […]

Home is where…the foliage is indigenous!

    “Home is where the heart is…”; the age old saying is something that most people can relate too.  Home isn’t always where you live because it can be the lake house you grew up going to, or nook where you bundle up with your favorite book.  Home is somewhere that you know, that feels […]