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Monthly Archives: April 2015


Have you been checking out Milan Design Week this year? Well, if you are very interested in interior and architectural design, you better do! The hashtag #MilanDesignWeek has been trending all over social media sites during the past week. Basically, this exhibition showcases many unique and luxurious designs that include furniture pieces, art installations, and […]

Save Them Bottle Caps Kids

Ever collect really useless little things as a kid? For me it was bottle caps. It all started because I wanted to win a prize from Coca Cola,  and for whatever reason, they had rewards inside each of their bottle caps. Long story short, I never won anything. However, I did use to bottle caps […]

9Square: An international GIF collaboration of 9 different designers

GIFs are almost as old as the internet but only recently they’ve been given visual aesthetic as a new art medium. Motion graphic designers create adorable GIFs, small in size and short in duration to keep the filesize down, and often looping seamlessly. A recent art project called 9Squares brings together nine designers from around the world to contribute with one GIF […]

Dream & Design

    I usually like to sleep being hanged by a flex hammock from high distance to refresh my thoughts and relax my body while I am camping. I never thought of laying in a hammock as something that could be artistic till I saw The 2009 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Awards website […]

Creative Crowdsourcing and Spec Work

Crowdsourcing today is more competitive than ever, promoting innovation and influencing the future of industries and individuals through problem solving relationships. Crowdsourcing platforms are bringing together designers, artists, businesses, and organizations to collaborate on and produce creative solutions. Today, many businesses rely on this strategy to obtain creative services from graphic designers around the world. […]

Hole in the Wall

German graffiti artist ‘1010’ creates beautiful murals by spray painting optical illusions on bare buildings and exhibition walls across the world. His colorful layers and dark shadows give the illusion of depth to flat surfaces. The concentric organic shapes draw you in almost like a portal to another dimension. “Referencing the outer border of one’s cornea and […]

What is wrong with this picture?

I know, the horror right? Even those of us who aren’t design majors should cringe looking at the cover of Woman’s World magazine. This magazine has been the focus of my semester in editorial class and I can’t stand looking at it anymore. Here are my reasons why this cover needs to be redone. First […]

Can we just talk about these landscapes?

Studio Ghibli is known for their amazing movies, but has anyone stopped to look at their art? Part of the reason Studio Ghibli is so popular is that they still work with 2d animation, creating beautiful landscapes, castles, and worlds for the viewers to be absorbed by. Take the picture at the beginning of this […]

Who Says You Need A Paintbrush to Paint?

Has anyone seen those videos on social media lately, the ones where a picture turns into some crazy body paint? I think its amazing how far we have come with art. The creative mind has continued to evolve in so many ways. It amazes me how people are able to come up with ideas, like […]

Express Yourself…With Art!

Art therapy has taken my interest lately. I enrolled in a sculpture class this semester and it has really changed the way I view the world. My teacher has always encouraged me to looks at things, like chairs, desks, and tables, and see them in a ways other than what they were made for. Even […]