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Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Project Forty Years in the Making

Many of us have heard of prolonged projects, especially for really complex pieces, but have we ever considered taking on a project that would take us 40 years to complete? Just recently, a photographer by the name of Nicholas Nixon has graced us with his beautiful, lengthy piece. When he took the very first portrait […]

Kyuhyung Cho’s Pictograph Fonts

While roaming on Behance I came across Kyuhyung Cho’s Pictograph Hangul Font that is going to be presented at his solo exhibition at the Dealim Museum in Seoul, Korea. I found it very interesting that he illustrated the Korean font, Hangul, as images. Illustrating type as images is not something unheard of. Nowadays there is […]

Sweet Un-expectations

How would you feel if you took a big bite of what looked like delicious ice cream, but then discovered that it was actually a cup of cauliflower? Or how about a bite into what looks like a chocolate doughnut, but is actually a mushroom with sprinkles?  An artist named Vanessa McKeown started making still life […]

If You Had to Lose One Sense, Which Would You Choose?

Just as a musician needs their ears to hear and play music, an artist needs their vision to see what they are creating.   At least, that’s what we thought.   John Bramblitt went blind due to complications from his epilepsy. However, he is an artist—a painter, in fact. He has overcome his ‘disability’ by […]

New Zealand’s New Look

Many of Great Britain’s past colonies have long struggled to establish an identity of their own in the post colonial era. New Zealand is no exception to that dilemma, and they have decided to take that issue head on. This year, New Zealand invited its citizens to help them design their new flag, free of the “Union Jack,” […]

Evolution of Logos

I’m sure a lot of us are wondering like how the companies started their logos, how they started to creating it at the first place and how they improved it thru the years for example BMW, CANON, PEPSI and many more in many different fields, well this picture will discover it all.     All […]

Upcycled Chairs

British designer of African origin, Yinka Ilori, has created an installation “If chairs could talk”. This installation was inspired by Nigerian culture, and particularly by Nigerian parables. The author collaborated with The Shop at Bluebird, and created a great installation, which became well known on the internet and was exhibited in different European countries. Yinka […]

Kim Keever works are amazing!

Kim Keever works are amazing! he’s really creative and his works are simply stunning and makes me just want to look in the details and the colors, also it gives me the feeling that I really want to touch it. As you see in the previous images that he’s using a lot of techniques to […]

InstitutionSeats That Provide Maximum Relaxation

Design Milk is famous for producing perfect nap chairs that provide maximum relaxation to the seated. Accordingly, this post rounds up the favorite hits from the past collections and adds a few more rest chairs that are specially created to deliver the high level comfort. Power Nap is a relaxation chair constructed by Ninna Helena […]

Adobe Lightroom.

Ever see pictures of a vacation spot and it looks to good to be true? Like this one for example. What I wouldn’t give to be writing my blog from from that jetty instead of my dorm.                                   This photo […]