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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Buffalo Bills New Unis?

The Buffalo Bills teased about the possibility of a new, alternate jersey to be worn in their Thursday Night matchup against the New York Jets. Since the teams conception in the 1960s, the Bills have only worn two color jerseys; royal blue away jerseys, and white home jerseys. They have redesigned their uniforms many times […]

Change of Biblical Porportions

Book designer, Adam Greene completely redesigned the classic Bible to be an easier read. So he’s basically taking the Bible and breaking it up in sections, as separate books, to create reading experiences as if you were reading a fluid story. Honestly, if this makes more people want to read it, that’s great because Jesus […]

Velum Paper

Vellum paper originally is made from calf skin (parchment), but these days it is made from plasticized cotton. Vellum is very popular for its delicate look. These papers come in different colors, patterns, texture, and different weight (light and Bristol). It is mostly known for its transparency, light weight, and thinness. It has a very […]

“Back in 2015”

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of buzz about Back to the Future and the date October 25, 2015. If you aren’t aware of the movie, basically the main character travels to the future on October 25, 2015, giving us a glimpse of what we could have expected the world to look like. […]


So I’m sure most of you (if not all of you) have seen Drake’s new Hotline Bling music video that was released this past week. Or if you haven’t seen the actual video, you’ve seen the creative and hilarious vines that have taken over your social media. Like the one where he is putting pepperonis […]

Mixed Media Art

As Graphic Designers in school, all of our assignments tend to be more purposeful for our portfolios. We make website redesigns or a company logo with a branding suite, but why don’t we see more mixed media pieces hanging up in the hallways at school? It’s unfortunate when designers become so busy that they can’t […]


I already ranted about the Patriot, and maybe this is too soon, but I hate minions. That, however, isn’t what I will be discussing today. No, my anger is much more of a pin-pointed, target-locked-on, heat seeking missile kind of hatred. Minion Facebook Posts. Simultaneous group screaming ensues. Just…what, why, how, who, so many questions […]

Is the Patriot Sexy?

I’m just going to start by saying, no, I don’t think the Patriot is sexy. In fact, I’m not really a big fan of him…at all. Sure, he has the whole historical motif going on, he has the green and gold, he looks angry, which I guess is a quality you want in a mascot? […]


  Well not “a washi” but “washi tape”. What is washi tape why it’s so cool and why you should care a designer. I recently just learned what washi tape is. Washi tape is originally from Japan. It combines “washi”, beautiful and traditional Japanese paper, with tape! The combination alone doesn’t sound too exciting, but […]

Your daily planner just got a lot cooler!

When you think of a daily planner, what do you think of? The free ones they gave you all throughout school? That’s what I used to think of. That was until I learned about the most recent trend of fashionable designer planners. Some of the most popular brands of fashion planners being Kate Spade, Kikki […]