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Monthly Archives: October 2015

What If it was a brand!!

One of the best way to be creative is making and producing a branding concept, I always have been thinking what about if I want to create something like and turning it to a real for example something we can use in real life, like book, song or even packaging anything physical or digital it […]

What is Your Goal?

Have you ever seen a beautiful but ultimately pointless work of art? For instance this embroidery illustration from the Suzhou Studio in China is very beautiful, but what information do you get from it? All I am reading from this piece is that the technicians at that studio are very skilled. Does this image of […]

Art & Neuroscience – Laurie Frick

Laurie Frick is doing some very interesting artwork that borders that of neuroscience.  Which doesn’t seem all that strange for someone who has an MBA in engineering. She uses her artwork to explore aggregated data from an EEG reading. She conceptualizes them into cardboard,wood, paper and other materials she can find. Her work is incredibly […]

The Hands Art

The Hands Art The whole idea was invented by Dominic Wilcox who made very unique art images using aluminium foil. To make his own face, Dominic used a plaster to resemble his face. He skilfully placed foil against the plaster and formed an art image of his face. The art has been widely applied even […]

Green Sculptures

Green Sculptures The idea of green sculptures has been extensively used by Asians. The idea therein shows the intimacy people have with nature. The art displays a lot of discipline to maintain the natural vegetation that has been ignored by many people. Given the nature of the art, the environment is conserved. Despite displaying the […]

Faceless Mask

Faceless Mask The art is defined by Sabi Van Hemert as the type of art that fuses the image of children with that of animals. The art finds its origin from Dutch artists. The piece of art is supposed to evoke the similarity of animals with that of people. The whole idea is to try […]

Human Flowers

The art of human flowers was created by Cecelia Webber. The art of projecting the image of people from flowers was fascinating and received much attention from the general public. The creation of this art brings out the beauty of the human beings in their natural ecosystem. The leaves in the flower art are symbolized […]

The Pen Tool

Yes. The dreaded pen tool. Both friend and foe and more often than not it is the latter. When you are first introduced to the pen tool it seems simple enough but that’s until you want to attempt the most stupid shape on earth. Hello Kitty’s head. But seriously there are some forms such as […]

The Design Behind Pixar

Over the weekend I went to NYC to visit some art museums. I was told about the Cooper Hewitt Museum which looking it up seemed to be something I was interested in. When I walked in I found the exhibit, “Pixar: The Design of Story.” I was instantly fascinated because I had always loved the […]

Typography in Arabic

When I was a Freshman at Mason, I took my first Arabic class., and I fell in love with the highly complicated, ornate language. Such a beautiful written language, I started to incorporate it into my art, mostly drawing at that time. When I was a Sophomore, I took my first design class, Typography, and […]