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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Graphic Elements in House Decoration

Where we live is where we spend our most time in. A good interior decoration can always affect one’s living quality. Graphic design is closely related to interior decoration in some ways. Your area rugs, wall decoration, curtains, paintings hang on the wall, the pillows, the pattern of your desk, even your apron, they all need […]

Bacterial Masterpieces!

So everyone likes an art contest right? Well, this one is for micro-biologists. Their challenge is to use bacterial or yeast cultures as the paint and agar as the canvas. Agar is a gelatinous substance used to grow cultures. Add a petri dish for the container and you’re ready to grow bacterial art! The microbiologists manipulate the cultures […]

Pumpkin Art

      Tis the season to be SCARY! What a better time to see the best of the best sculptures than Halloween?!     Over the last few years, I have notice that pumpkin carving went from being a seasonal pastime to a great form of art. Sculpture artists come from everywhere to show […]

Mirror Trick!

remember Disney cartoon Snow white? and her evil godmother that asked her mirror who is the most beautiful women in the world? her mirror could talk, but in the world we live our mirrors just show the reflection of us. Traditional painters use mirror to find the mistakes they missed. They place their drawings in […]

The Grid

As Designers, we have all heard many times how important it is to use a grid. However, do we really understand the grid? Do we work the grid inside and out until we create the best design? A grid helps us organize information in a clear and concise way, and it also helps viewers to […]

Preserved tattoos of the Dead

A new service called Save My Ink is offering to remove the tattooed skin of the passed and preserve it. The thought of that is kind of disgusting. But many people have already expressed interest in this new operation. Some people want to keep the old tattoos because it has so much meaning behind it. “A […]

A Different Kind of Canvas

As designers we constantly have to think outside the box. In order to stand out we must come up with ideas and designs that haven’t been done before. Or even take something old and make it new… Kind of like makeup artist Ryan Krasney. She recreates famous works of art..but with a twist. Her canvas isn’t […]

water sound music

you should watch this video! i really think that the idea about making this sound out of a cup of water is amazing. this video tells us that you can make something out of nothing. the way they played the music with these cups was awesome. you would never imagine that the water will have […]

Burning Man

By Alexander Milov at Burning Man 2015. Photo by Emily Rosen The first thing came to my mind when i saw this picture was that even when we are mad or giving our back to someone we still deep inside care and love them no matter what. we can not stay mad at each other […]

Milk Art

We can find art in everything around us. we can turn the small things and details into a beautiful piece of art. when i saw this video i realized that art is very simple and we can see it through a lot of things. in this video you would notice that there is nothing hard […]