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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Tired of your boring cat calendar?

Ever need a calendar but are tired of getting the same old boring ones? Want something more exciting and appealing to the eye? (Even though puppies and kittens are adorable and all) While just searching around on the internet I came across a calendar that really caught my attention! It is a 2016 Letterpress Calendar […]


As a designer, sometimes it is very hard to chose a font for design projects. Well have I got news for you! Typewolf is a website designed to help designers get better examples of different fonts and even tells you what fonts look well together! Instead of seeing the font samples set in “The quick […]

Amazon Delivery Drone

Amazons new delivery drone is a combine of a traditional aircraft with a rotocraft, helicopter type of design. Yet, it lives somewhere in between the two, making for a boxy, awkward looking drone for their new door to door delivery concept. The rotocraft can take of and land vertically, which is why it utilizes that […]


I’ve done it again! I’ve found another incredible site you can browse for inspiration in design or all different kinds! Want to know what it’s called? Fine, I’ll tell you: Creative little name isn’t it?  This site is described to be, “A curated showcase of shit-hot web design with a less-is-more bent!” And let me […]

Kelly Thorn

Ever see really beautiful monogram words and wonder how it is done? I came across and artist who has developed classes in order for you to learn! Her name is Kelly Thorn.  “Follow Kelly in this 45-minute class through the process of creating a monogram word, from early research, painting, and drawing to refining details in […]

Nicola Lopez

Let me share with you one of my favorite artists, Nicola Lopez. Her work is not only remarkable to look at but it also holds such a deeper meaning then what meets the eye. Her work is a combination of drawing and printmaking that creates such beautiful images. With her large scale work she creates […]

Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a 26-year-old London based designer and illustrator known for her colorful illustrations and her playful letterforms. She’s designed for WIRED magazine, Atlantic Records, Google, Converse shoes, and much more. Kate is also a published author with her book Make Your Own Luck in which she write about how to make it as […]

Publishers + Designers

For those of us who love print publications and web design as well, we have a new mentor that could help us transition to the digital world. Hearst Digital’s creative director has recently released a free webinar which can be seen on Monotype, Agile Publishing. The webinar focuses on the importance of a digital team […]

Design in the Classroom

Cooper Hewitt Museum is definitely on my list of favorite museums to visit! I think its even more amazing what they are doing for all the students in America. It’s interesting to see how art continues to change and only further advance with the youth of our generation. Cooper Hewitt has developed a design program […]

Toilet Paper Magazine

I know what you’re thinking: “What could a magazine named ‘Toilet Paper Magazine’ possibly be about??” and if your thinking it might be something weird, you’re correct. Toiletpaper is a bi-annual magazine that features high production, sharp humor photographs and absolutely no text. Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari are the brains behind this bizarre photography […]