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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Eduardo Recife

Have you ever found yourself trying to distort a typeface? Or make it look… messy or misprinted in some way? Don’t you wish there were some more typefaces that were not so perfect, maybe some typefaces with a destroyed look? Well look no further; Eduardo Recife is a Brazilian designer/artist that specializes in this sort […]

Roden Crater by James Turrell

                                  Some of you may remember the name James Turrell from the post about Drake and the Hotline Bling music video but Turrell is a world-renowned artist that has had shows at some of the most well known museums […]

The coolest bookstore I’ve ever been too!

Printed Matter is the coolest bookstore I’ve ever been too! They are the world’s largest publicly available source for artists’ books. Artists and independent publishers submit their books for sale at Printed Matter. Essentially the whole store is books that are produced by thousands of different artists and publishers. When I first walked in I […]

Tea, Tea in Nicely Designed Packages for All!

  A brand of tea I like, Zest Tea took a new, more sophisticated approach to the packaging of their line of high caffine teas. They are a company that started through crowdfunding, and their new logo was crowdsourced as well! They used a site named 99Designs which hosts “design contests” where professionals compete to […]

Feeling Confined?

Sean Yoro did this work in Weast Palm Beach, Flordia. He used the architecture to created a confined space. The water is an interesting 4 edge to the “canvas” because it will change with the tides. Sean Yoro does series of these portraits He uses a variety of methods to paint these. Paddle Board and Make […]

Blogging a blog “The Art Order”

“The Art Order” is a blog run by Jon Schindhette. It appears that he has many posts about how to get your portfolio in order and how to get a job. Like these little chestnuts. Drawn+Drafted ARt Business Bootcamp info run by Marc Scheff and Lauren Panepinto. The will teach you. “work found, how to […]

Body Scapes

Ever see a landscape on your own body? This is Alice Bartlett’s “Nail Art”. She made nails into landscapes, I think she nailed it. Allen Tager explores other regions of the body to create “bodyscapes”. Belly Fishing, Belly Golfing, Butt wait there’s more some Skiing to do. Both Alice Bartlett, and Allen Tager have taken the body […]


Ever play any of the Mario games?  If not, I’m sure most everyone has seen him, he is a sub-cultural icon to most of our generation. Something that is commonly done in art is bring a cultural icon and use it to twist it to address a problem in our reality. In this case our […]

Just to Be Shur

Who knew law firms could look like this?! For the most part you don’t see law firms standing out by taking a well paid off risk with branding and designing their company. There seems to be a typical look and feel for law firms and Bernstein Shur took that leap to awesomeness! Shur hired ThinkSo […]


  Or are you walking by it? A question all of us college students must ask ourselves is “Are we going to regret not pursuing another path?” Maybe you want to be a Chef?                             An Architect? An Author? If we follow […]