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Monthly Archives: February 2016

A small symbol, a big mark.

The semi-colon generally represents a place in a sentence where the author could have ended it but decided to continue it by putting a semi-colon in. A non-profit, Project Semi-Colon, has now taken this symbol and made their brand around it. They want it to symbolize that the semi-colon represents you as the author and […]

The Passion Behind Symphonies

There are not a lot of people whom I have met who can truthfully admit to not liking music. That almost sounds inhuman. However, there are a lot of people who do not like classical/instrumental music, so I would like to shed some light on the incredulity of classical music. Now, everybody has their own […]

Can We Talk about how Fun Info-graphics Are?

Have you ever seen an info-graphic? If not you are seriously missing out. If done right they can turn out to be entertaining but also informing. You can see info-graphics almost anywhere; from Pinterest to in a book. Info-graphics are pieces of information that are used with pictures to help inform others. They use graphs, […]

Lacking Motivation?

If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to get the motivation to begin doing the millions of things that are piled up on your To-Do list. There’s nothing there telling you that “Hey, you should do that assignment now so you can do well on it”. For me, the motivational posters scattered around […]

Flowers are a Great Blush

Lately I have been noticing that makeup and their packaging of upped their game. I think its interesting how companies have put a precedent on the design used for their products. For myself, when I see something that is designed in interesting ways and looks cool; it really makes me want to buy that product. […]

A Typeface for Your Face

Is there a font that you just love oh so much that you wish you could have it on you all the time? Or perhaps you even want to have your favorite typeface frame the world around you every day. Now you can get glasses that are based off of the design for your favorite […]

And the Oscar goes to…………

As the 88th annual Academy Awards (Oscars) rapidly approaches this Sunday, actors, actress, directors, producers and writers everywhere will be getting glammed up to strut the red carpet for the coveted gold statue, Oscar. So who is Oscar really? And why do we even call him Oscar? I did some researching and found a few […]

Natural Hair

Before I start, I realize not everyone knows what natural hair is. In my definition, natural hair is no longer using a relaxer (a chemical straightener), heat, and any product that uses non-natural ingredients (like parabens and sulfates). The photo I’m using below is essentially an aspect of what natural hair is: Free, has kinks, […]

The Mason Wi-Fi Conspiracy

Recently, almost every time I need to use the internet on campus, the Wi-Fi connection is spotty. It becomes a struggle to get certain work done. Just the other day, i was trying to do some research on designers and their designs for a project. However, I found myself having trouble getting my laptop to connect […]

Show me that Red, White and Blue

When it comes to sports, how well you play is only have the battle. The other half completely depends on how good you look. Each year, the US National soccer teams get new jerseys for the upcoming international competitions. The uniform is supposed to bring together the nation in support, and they are also supposed […]