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Monthly Archives: March 2016

of Books and Covers

We all know the old adage, but people do judge books by their covers. Although, there’s a definite informative aspect to a book’s cover. If it’s a terrible cover, it gives the impression the author doesn’t care about their product. If a book is finely crafted, it leaves a good impression on a potential reader. […]

Logo Identification

How would you define yourself as a designer? As part of being a designer, we have to create a name for ourselves in this highly competitive field of graphic designers. There’s no room for cookie cutters! You gotta be YOU and YOU better let that employer know how much more YOU want that position. That […]


So have you guys ever seen words that can be read in more than one direction, where the word reads the same when upside down or turn over to form an entirely new word? If you have and didn’t know what they were called, they’re called ambigrams. I recently learned about ambigrams two years ago […]

Why do Graphic Designers prefer Macs?

Recently, one of my teachers said to not mention that you use a PC rather than a Mac for your designs. This got me wondering about why so many designers use and prefer Macs. The design and technical capabilities for Macs and PCs are equal at this point, so why are Macs more prevalent? I […]

Logo Design with Animals

This week in my graphic design class we were assigned a new project about corporate branding. The first part of the project is to create a logo for a made up company of our choice, with the logo involving one of the listed animals: an owl, a rooster, an elephant, a wolf, a fish, a […]

Do Graphics Make the Game?

Whether it is for PC or console, game developers are releasing video games that are visually stunning. The graphics look almost exactly like real life, the physics are extremely realistic, the way you play the game is more immersive, and the things you can do in game are much more expansive. With that being said, […]

Taking Type to a New Form

Typography seems so simple and yet we all still struggle to find the perfect typeface. As a graphic design major, I find that 95% of my studio projects involve typography. There are literally thousands of typefaces out there to choose from and is continually growing. What is a designer to do? Well in my search […]

Gifs by David Szakaly

Hungarian/German graphic designer David Szakaly creates intricate and hypnotic originals of gifs on the website, Davidope . Slazaky uses combination of twisting organic forms, flashes of black and white, and forays into pulsing technicolor shapes to create his one of a kind gifs. Szalaky’s works draws the audience in, as if you’re being sucked into a black hole of […]

6 Layer Cake or 6 Room Cake?

At one point in time I thought I could be a cake designer. I made several birthday cakes from scratch and watched the Cake Boss on TLC. I figured making cake art was just like sculpting. This idea didn’t last long, since I never made it passed a standard two-layer cake. Now I just admire […]

Designing “Personal”

Do you ever fight to make something less personal in your designs? There comes a time in any designer’s life when they realize that much of their process in final drafts includes taking out bits here and there, many bits of which are personal. This is an important balance to make, because many times it’s important […]