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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Why did you choose to be a graphic design major?

Lately I’ve been thinking about how different my life would have been if I chose to major in something other than graphic design. Part of me has always been interested in programming, but instead of choosing to major in computer science, I decided to go for graphic design. I like working with visuals and designing […]

Harry Potter, Book 1

This one is for all you Harry Potter fans or anyone who simply enjoys an easy and fun animated mini sketch. I personally am a huge fan of Harry Potter and when I saw this I was so amazed by how simple it looked. However, I am not an animation major or a film major. […]

Suda the Elephant

As I have said before artists come in many shapes and sizes, as you can tell from the photo above this artist happens to be an elephant.   Now if you think like me you probably thought about how this barely compares with what we have found that chimps can do. But, this is an […]

It’s so Squishy! <

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have something round and fluffy to just squish every now and then? Well what you need is a Squishable. Squishables are a brand of stuffed animals that take cute to a whole new level. Each of the squishables is more or less a big round circle, and […]

Rainbow Makeup

If you appreciate makeup, you probably know what highlighter is. For those that don’t, highlighter is typically a very light, sometimes sparkly shade that is applied to parts of the face in order to make it capture the light. In order words, it’s pretty, makeup artists like it, it makes your face look more defined. […]

Emojis and Diversity

I read an article from The Guardian about how the diversifying of emojis is even more confusing. I think Apple has made a wonderful choice by making sure *most* groups of people are represented in the iphone emojis. However, more often than not, my friends who are not white have opted to use the default […]

What if Pokemon were companies?

A friend recently shared with me a neat project done by design shop Pictogram, founded by and run by Sebastiaan de With, that gave individual Pokemon their own brands as if they were their own company. I thought it was really clever how he combines the Pokemon’s elemental type and their nature to make creative […]

The Beauty of Islamic Art

While doing research for my Art History paper, I found the most fascinating fact about the geometric patterns. According to several sources, Islamic artists purposely create a imperfection in their geometric patterns and mosaics because the belief is there is nothing perfect other than Allah (God) himself. As a muslim, I thought this was the […]

Go With the Flow

I’ve always loved drawing or designing organic lines in my own work. I also enjoy looking at any kind of architecture, furniture, or any other kind of item that wasn’t made the ordinary way. Literally there was some “thinking out of the box” going on to make this stuff happen, and I’m here for it! […]

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

As many of you have heard, Prince passed a way earlier today. Some of you may be very familiar with his music and others of you like me, have heard his music before and appreciated him for being an influential artist for others. I didn’t know much about Prince but what I did know was […]