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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Animated logos

I believe animated logos will be the new norm by the year 2020. I mean, just look at these! About a week ago, I stumbled upon this Wallaroo logo on Reddit. It was posted by someone looking for feedback on this animated logo design. The static version of this logo looks crisp and classy and its almost easy […]

Hyperbole and a Half

Just recently for a class I had to read a web comic by Hyperbole and a Half. It  was called “Adventures in Depression”. As a designer the art or comic that is created may not be the best but it gets the message out there. The web comic really resonated with me. I have been […]

Oh No they Didn’t

Have you ever seen a design from a company and thought to yourself “OH MY GOD, who let them do this?” or “How the heck did they get away with this?”. I know I sure have. Many companies now and in the past have had design problems crop up from time to time. Though some […]


These are not a regular vintage cigarette vending machines! They are actually original art vending machine…which means you can purchase other artist’s art pieces from these machines. They are located in District Taco in Alexandria, VA and in Washington D.C. Art-o-mat® is started by Clark Whittington in 1997.Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have […]

Web Design and Coding, is it needed?

Recently I’ve been tasked with the job of re-designing Mason Student Centers website and its become a lot more coding and logistical stuff rather than really designing it. This is something I expected, but a lot of the people I’ve talked to see this as a surprise.   In my opinion to be successful web […]

“Do You Really Need A Degree For That?”

More often than not, I also get asked some sort of question about why I am pursuing a degree in graphic design when I already have the skill set needed. My answers, depending on the day, range from sassy comments about how I’m just in school to be in school to really defending Design Education. To […]

Dr. Martens Forever

My favorite shoes are my black 1460 Dr. Martens. They can go with any outfit, they’re extremely comfortable, and they give me some extra height. Sure they’re a bit more expensive than other boots, but I thought they were worth it since they last “forever”.       I recently came across these posters of […]

The Month of April aka Stress Month

This post goes out to all you wonderful people currently stressing over the last month, well in this case, last couple weeks of classes. Sometimes I find it makes it easier to deal with stress when you can laugh at it. Earlier today I saw this post about Ross Geller, one of my favorite characters, who […]

When You Interact with Art It Interacts with You

Who here has visited a website? I’m sure everyones hand went up, for we all have been on a website at one time or another, if not multiple at the same time. However some of my favorite websites that I have visited are created by the man above, Rafael Rozendaal. Who is he, you might […]

Instrument Design

Musical instruments have long been part of human culture. People enjoy music, but rarely do they think of the visual design of machine creating the sound. The shapes created by the functional mechanisms of the instrument have unique design in their own right. There’s something inherently appealing about the shapes on a saxophone or French […]