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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Stop. Let me design!

“Every great design starts with a committee,” said no one ever. During your academic career as a graphic designer, you are occasionally expected to work in group projects to produce a substantial product, ex. an infographic, corporate branding campaign, a game design, logo, etc.. If you are like me then perhaps during one of those […]

When Color Goes Wrong

This season the NFL is doing something special with Thursday Night Football. Every Thursday two teams are arranged to compete wearing a new style of jersey called Color Rush. These jerseys are mostly a full color and depending on the team it can be really distracting while watching a game. A great example would be […]

Murderer of Art

Several months ago I attended a speech by a well-known abstract painter and he said something that haunted me for weeks afterward. Up to a point, his presentation was everything I expected. He spoke about his work and his process, both of which are fascinating and highly respected by the art community. I was hanging […]

What’s your favorite color?

One night, while working on a particularly time consuming typography project, my boyfriend suddenly asked me, “What is your favorite color?” I stared at him seeming to not understand his question and he proceeded to repeat it. “What is your favorite color?” I took a moment and pondered, what is my favorite color? If you […]

Art is Easy

I’m sure at some point you have heard someone say those three terrible words or at least implied it. It’s a common misconception. Too often do people make the assumption that art and even design are easy compared to other major choices. In reality it’s actually pretty difficult. In other majors, there is a yes […]

Creating a Climate with Titles

The other day I was watching the movie Stars Wars: the Phantom Menace with a friend who has never seen the prequel trilogy about the birth of Darth Vader. He has only seen the original trilogy because he never bothered to watch episodes one through 3. He believes they were not necessary to watch. To […]

you are exactly where you need to be…

Getting older in life, is nothing like I imagined it to be. I feel that recently, since hitting my 20’s, life has become more complicated, in many different ways. In ways, I cannot even explain or justify. But I think that this is the adventure of life in a way. I found this photograph on Tumblr, which […]

I wish I could draw as well as he can.

Is being creative a natural gift that some people have in them inherently? Are some people just better than others naturally? I had a lot of these questions when I was younger, but later realized that creativity and art is also something that can be learned. It can be improved upon by practice. I recently […]

Pepe the frog

Over the past decade memes have been growing in popularity, it’s a big part of the Internet and social media. Memes have gotten so big that pop artist like Katie Perry and Nicki Minaj have used them in their music videos. There are kids that aren’t even in middle school who know all about these […]

Design’s not that important

….is what a lot of non-designers think. When you are confronted with the question of how is design important? What do you say? How do you explain the importance of design to someone who knows nothing about it? A while ago, when I was browsing through Lynda videos, I learned about Florida’s butterfly ballot design […]