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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Why go to the Bathroom if you’re not going to take a p!#$?

That’s my question for Ann Ford, the designer of the “Don’t Piss Away Your Vote” poster shown below, which she created for AIGA’s “Get Out The Vote 2016” campaign. Ford has an MFA in design and visual communications and is currently an Associate Professor teaching graphic design, typography and graphic design history. In a statement […]

Who’s the Next President?

This year’s election is making a lot of people nervous. Is America going to vote for an experienced politician lady or a bigoted businessman? As we all know, on September 26th, 2016, the two candidates had a presidential debate. To me, the debate went well and cleared up a few things, even though plans from […]

Sophistication isn’t Complicated, it’s Simple

Apple. Samsung. MacDonald’s. Nike. Subway. Google. Take a moment and think about these companies. Now do a quick Google search of them. Notice anything similar? Did you notice that every single one of them has a logo that looks beyond simplistic? Ever notice how the most successful companies have simplest logos? That’s because, as humans, […]

Let It Go, Let It Go.

You just created the most gorgeous logo, and poured your heart and soul into the design. You can’t wait to show it to your client! For the past 3 weeks, you’ve worked tirelessly in creating something beautiful that your client will love. You send the logo to your client for one final critique, and wait […]

“I paid for the art. It is mine.”

This is a screenshot of a post on Tumblr. For all of you artists and designers, this is surely a way to start the day. Imagine you put your heart and soul in creating a painting or design, and this person is paying a big sum of money for it. Then you goes on Tumblr and […]


Alright, let’s imagine on your first, or any project, the professor decides to let you run wild with an open topic. You nod your head, relax your eyebrows, blink once or twice, mumbling “Oh OK, cool” and maybe even let out a small smile across your lips. An open topic, a blank canvas, endless possibilities. […]

This Blog Post Is Art

One of my pet peeves is when someone looks at an artist’s piece and states matter of factly, “that is NOT art, my little brother could make that.” Part of me wants to yell, “SHUT UP, YOU KNOW NOTHING! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE” but most of the time I quietly ignore their ignorant […]

You Know What Grinds My Gear?

How most non-design professionals think graphic design is an easy-going job.  Whenever I introduce myself as a designer, the first thing you might hear is “Wow that’s cool, your job seems very chill,” and my profession automatically gets pigeon-holed as a lighthearted career.  As if all I do is play with paints and draw cute […]

Shhh! Now You May Speak

Graphic Design is more than pushing pixels, drawing cute logos, or figuring out the best color combination to apply to your local pizzerias website–it’s much, much more than this. As a graphic designer, my responsibility to my client is to mitigate the complexity of their brand and apply the fundamentals of design to execute an overall harmonious user experience. […]

A Love-Hate Relationship

As a design student I often find myself grouped together with the “art kids”. On some level that is true, I paint, I draw, and I like making things with my hands. But those are my hobbies. I repeat, my hobbies. Just like a journalist can write science fiction in his free time but he […]