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Monthly Archives: November 2016

A peaceful gift for France

Many of us already know the iconic work of Jeff Koons, but recently he has created another wonderful installation. Bouquet of Tulips is being gifted to France after the recent terror attacks. Koons created this piece with the thought in mind of it being a symbol of remembrance, optimism, and healing in moving forward from […]

Kill your Inner Demons

A bad habit is hard to get rid of. Bad habits as a designer can be costly to their career. Habits like procrastination or laziness could be detrimental due to the fact that deadlines are really important to those working as a graphic designer. Deadlines have to be met in order for anything to continue […]

Designers and Useless Change

Recently I was reading an article about how strong design often has a respect for the heritage of the brand. It kind of got me thinking because I think a lot of times we tend to think of design as always being fresh and modern. In reality, design should be as much about the past […]

Beta is Beta for a Reason

So far, in the game of League of Legends, they have been several aesthetic differences for users on their game client. It’s currently in open beta, meaning that anything and everything could go wrong. For some like myself, we have an understanding that a beta in the gaming world means that there will be bugs […]

Passion + ??? = Good Designer

An old AIGA article had me thinking about what else do you need aside from passion to be a good designer? What actually makes a good designer? Of course, a design that’s actually well-designed would make one, right? Or is it how the handle each situation handled to them by their client? In all honesty, […]

Remember: Others Matter!

A little fact that I found out the other day was how if you think you’re designing for someone else and your design will be used by someone else it actually boosts up creativity. I find it true because when I try to design for myself I normally cannot come up with ideas for anything […]

Learn from the Bad

The best way to learn how to do something right is to sometimes look at poor examples of how it’s done wrong. That’s a lesson I learned in one of my classes. I think the notion is interesting, in all honesty. Bad examples of design can produce better design. It sounds a little funny when […]

Fanmade Design, but the Law Follows

In recent news, the developers of the fanmade Pokemon Uranium finally shut down any future work that would be done to the project. This was due to the copyright notice sent by Nintendo. For those unfamiliar with the fanmade title, it was based on the older games in the series like Pokemon: Gold or Platinum […]

When to Kill your Darlings

Sometimes a lot of ideas come in for a design. The design process tends to produce variations of the idea until finally, you come to a conclusion on which one is just right for the project. Yet, there are a few design sketches you look back at, thinking: “I really want this to work.” “Learn […]

We do it because it isn’t easy but because it is hard

The thought came across to me a while ago.  Why do we do what we do? For the money?  Perhaps the prestige? Most of us wake up at 6am to get ready for class, we come dragging ourselves to class feeling tired and not into it.  I know some of these class might not be […]