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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Stop What You’re Doing and Read This

I recently read an article titled, “4 Skills Every Artist Should Try To Perfect,” which to my surprise, was something that I needed to read that I didn’t know I needed until after I read it. Many artists are faced with difficulties throughout their career, and three of the greatest ones were covered in the […]

To Be

As a kid who liked animals, I wanted to be a vet. Then I wanted to be a baker. Then a gardener, a psychologist, and even an image consultant. With so many options, it was so hard to choose one. Now I know that I want to pursue a career in graphic design but not […]

Art Students Do Not “Color” All Day

Have you ever tried to convince your friends and acquaintances that being an art student is a lot more difficult than it looks? It’s almost like talking to a brick wall, because no matter what you say to prove your point, non-art students refuse to believe that we do anything other than paint rainbows and […]

Two Words Why IKEA Furniture Works: UX Design

Whenever I bring up the topic of UX design with friend’s who are not designers or technology enthusiasts, their responses are quizzical. They believe that it involves making apps or games look pretty, and I don’t blame them for thinking that; I figured it meant graphics and visual imagery for applications. The way I help […]

Why Video Game Box Art Sucks

On November 7, 2016, RPG developer Bioware revealed the box art for their next blockbuster game, Mass Effect Andromeda, coming out next year. As a gamer, I am ecstatic that they released it because it shows that the game is making progress in its development. As a graphic designer, I’m disappointed in it. Though its […]

Freelance or Not To Freelance?

This is my question. As a business owner and entrepreneur, my automatic answer is YES, freelance. However, now that I am transitioning into the graphic design world from the wedding world (I own a bridal hair business), I am struggling to decide what to do. Freelancing can be exhausting, unstable, and downright difficult. I own […]

Michael Bierut: Designers are Weird and Unique

We’re not ordinary people. We find and care about things that no one else without a trained eye can find. I’ve been watching a lot of videos by graphic designer Michael Bierut, the designer who created the current Verizon and Hillary Clinton 2016 Logo, and it fascinates me on how he can break down images […]

Hi, I’m A Designer and I am NOT A Perfectionist

Through out my education as a graphic design student, I have heard professors and colleagues tell me that “graphic designers need to be perfectionists.” I am the complete opposite of a perfectionist and have no desire to become one. I like messy designs as much as I like looking at clean ones. I consistently fail […]

Fighting Game Character Design: More Than Just Combos

I consider myself gaming enthusiast, and I love intelligent and fun game design. One genre that has elements of graphic, UI and brand design are fighting games. One thing that fighting games do so well, that reflects good design is franchising. Games like Street Fighter and Super Smash Brothers are famous because of their effective […]

The DIY Life

Do you DIY? I do. With the rise of the internet came a convenience when it comes to gathering information and consequently, learning new things. There are so many online classes and DIY tutorials to choose from whenever we feel like learning something new. In a sense DIY is a way to excursive the brain. Many […]