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Monthly Archives: February 2017

I Hope It Was a Dream

We all know who Santa Claus is. And if you don’t, what rock have you been living under? Santa is a figure of Christmas and delivers gifts to all the children in the world. Going back into my childhood, I remembered a dream I had when I was 5. However when I think about this […]

Lost in the Imbalance of Text

  Ironically, if there’s one word that could best describe this poster, “Hanging in the imbalance”, it’s ‘imbalanced.’ Although the designer’s risky move in creating such a wild poster can be applauded, there are a couple of key issues that really stand out and keep it from its true potential.   Simple yet Effective Design First, the positives: the poster design succeeds in […]

Ambiguity of the Vote

When I first opened the link to my assigned design, I had almost no idea what it was I was looking at. I sat in my seat analyzing what it could possibly be. From the title, I assumed it had something to do with voting. From the shapes in the image, I drew an uncertain […]

The Challenge of Being an Artist

Being an artist requires a constant creative mind; you need new ideas, inspiration, and refreshers to keep the blood flowing. Lacking any of these will put you behind the game. What separates the lives of artists from non-artists is that while the non-artists have a set duty to fulfill with not much creative input, artists […]

I Once Was Lost…

I never saw myself as a potential art student until I was a junior in high school. That was the first time I voluntarily added “Art 1” to my schedule. I proceeded into senior year with “Art 2” and developed an interest in it as a career. After high school, I realized art as a […]

Use It or Lose It

Designers should have certain abilities in order to be successful. They must be creative, talented, patient, and love what they are doing. Also they should be confident, believe in their ideas, know how to plan, and to better use their imagination. However, designers may face obstacles such as, lack of ideas and imagination. Designers should […]

Design Lesson #1: Chicken Figures

Despite common held beliefs about stubborn and tasteless freelance design clients, I continue to encounter ones with incredible trust in my capabilities. They are blasé when defining visual identity. They do not have strong opinions one way or another. Kind of overwhelming, right? On the give-a-shit-spectrum from 1-to-Sharpie-on-masking-tape, my ideal client would be one step […]

Bringing Attention to the Design Underdog

  Can you name a black graphic designer? If you can’t answer that question, don’t worry; it’s not entirely your fault. Most of my professors haven’t included black designers in their lectures; that leaves students to find out about designers of color on their own. Lucky for you, I know about two awesome designers I […]

A Looming End… of a Chapter

Never would I have dreamed that something I loved so dearly would become a major source of anxiety in my life. As I prepare to graduate and begin life as a professional artist in game design, fear has replaced the security that I once had in my abilities and skills. Despite this, after many hours […]

“Graphic Design is fun and easy; you are lucky.”

Growing up in the design field, when talking to someone about my field, I get one reaction all the time and that is,                                                “Graphic Design is fun and easy; you are lucky.” […]