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Monthly Archives: February 2017

If To Begin

  Did you hear my phone vibrate? I swear I thought I heard something. Okay, back to business: I cannot gain momentum to even begin my most anticipated project. I feel dread and dissatisfaction from this realization, so I turn on the television to find a means to mentally escape into a different purpose. Soon […]

Album Cover Art

Anyone who has not been under a rock for the last hundred years, should be familiar with album cover art. It is the visual cue for music, and it often helps artists and bands to develop their visual brand, as well as to assist them in selling merchandise. In 1909, Tchaikovsky released the first album […]

CGI versus Ethics

Since Star Wars first came out the movies have been pioneering computer generated graphics. Episode IV, released in 1977, was the first movie to use 3D wire-frame graphics. In their most recent release, Rogue One, two deceased actors were added into the movie using computer generated technology. Both Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing were added into the film. […]

Thought of Ryan Woodward

The human experience is generally based on relationships; and with those relationships come emotions. Although only 3 minutes in length, the hand-drawn animated film, Thought of You, by Ryan Woodward taps deep into those feelings. Woodward describes the conception of the film, “I remember sitting on the plane on the way home from LA, and […]

Design Community | Blog #3

Every designer wants to be heard, seen, and known. In order to this, it’s crucial for those who enjoy designing alone behind their desk all day to be able to socialize and share with other people. A great part about working in the design field is that you are constantly able to share your work […]


Helvetica has been one of the most popular typefaces since its release is 1957. The Neo-Grotesque Sans Serif typeface fits well into most designs and offers an overall clean and inviting look. Governments across the world have adopted Helvetica as their main typeface, including metro rail systems and even space shuttle exterior paintings. Some might […]

Not as Good as I Remember

We all have that one activity we’ve enjoyed as a kid. Cartoons, movies, games, etc. we all loved it at one point. However we will come by people that will tell us that the things we liked when we were younger, aren’t that good. Most will disagree and try to defend whatever it is that they […]

Design and Music in harmony

Josef Muller Brockmann father of Swiss Style design and master user of the grid. Muller is well-known for his series of poster for the Zurich Town Hall at the Tohalle. One of his early successful poster is the, Beethoven Poster. He created these posters through careful planning and using the grid system to to create […]

Becoming Insta-Famous

  Getting people to care about who you are as in artist on social media can be a daunting task. After all, there are more than a handful of amazing artists with different specialties who are currently killing it on social media, and it may be hard to find your place in the world of […]

The Banana Album Cover by Andy Warhol

The Velvet Underground was exceptionally experimental for the sixties. Performance wise: The Velvet Underground (Figure 1) was extremely offensive. However, Andy Warhol managed them in the 60s. In that, Warhol and The Velvet Underground worked with Verve Records to release the album The Velvet Underground & Nico in March of 1967, right before the summer […]