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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Life of Death

Marsha Onderstijin’s short “The Life of Death” tells the story of a carefree and careless Death, who kills everything he touches. We are introduced to Death as a carefree spirit and have the sense that he doesn’t realize the gravity of the power he has through his thoughtless and even child-like usage of his powers. […]

The Visual Power of Formatting

  Poetry has been around since pretty much language was invented. Creating a series of verses consisting of word combinations to produce rhyme, rhythm, and meaning seems hard enough. What if you also throw in the visual aspect of it into the mix? Formatting can be an extremely powerful tool when presenting poetry. Yes, poems […]

Design like Research

“Treat design like research; not every source is credible.” This was a short saying I put out in a rage-induced impulse. For those countless of research papers we’ve had to do for school, it’s often we’re drilled on how to find and use “good” sources. Don’t cite Wikipedia. Make sure your source is an expert […]

Jill Greenberg’s “Paintings”

During the spring semester of 2015, I went on the Artsbus trip to New York City. Of all the galleries we visited, only one sticks to my mind today. The gallery ClampArt happened to be showcasing works by the artist Jill Greenberg. Her work was so amazing and so tantalizing to my eyes, I ended […]

Crafts That Have Inspired Me Over Time

I find myself wondering what exactly certain crafts do to spark my imagination. The other day, I was looking through my collection of handmade friendship bracelets from 2006. Since I haven’t looked at them in quite a while, I was surprised to see the intricate patterns I made with the embroidery floss and beads. Granted, […]

Don’t Watch if you Get Motion Sick

Centriphone: An iPhone video experiment by Nicholas Vuignier is just over a year old, and yet it will remain an icon of YouTube for years to come. Why? A quote by Leonardo DaVinci explains well; “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” Vuignier invented an uncomplicated device that allowed him to swing his camera (a […]

Feminism & Graphic Expression

Design for social change and specifically feminism, the struggle for women’s rights, has been, and remains a catalyst for women’s liberation. Women have used graphics to empower and voice their beliefs since the first wave of feminism, the suffragettes, to the women’s liberation movement of the 60’s and 70’s, and the activist groups today, otherwise known […]

The prohibited symbol, “Rising Sun Flag.”

I was very surprised and shocked. I couldn’t believe what I saw about a few days ago because there was a prohibited symbol on the student’s book cover project which was hanging on the wall in the Art and Design building. He/she used a red dot symbol which is called a “Rising Sun Flag.” Many […]

Bringing Virtual Reality into the Art World

Haven’t you always wanted to be able to just draw with no limits? And wouldn’t you want to be able to step into that drawing? Well now with Tilt Brush, a virtual reality 3D painting software, you can. With Tilt Brush, you have access to a wide variety of fun and interactive brushes, and the […]

Political Activism 101: Cultural Jamming with Ad Campaigns

  Is your daily live polluted by boisterous advertisements? Do you want to make the public conscious of the contradictions with corporate America? Is the world’s current economic situation making you upset? Do you have a graphic design and art skills? If you answered YES to any of these questions, how about starting and employing […]