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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Arabic Calligraphy and Design

I’ve been studying the Arabic language since I was a child and one thing I’ve always wanted to learn was calligraphy. I loved the way artists would use the Arabic letters to form a word into shapes and animals. Recently I have seen graphic designers do the same, they integrate the Arabic calligraphy style into their […]

McDonald’s Uses Art Without Permission

McDonald’s recently used art and mural from various different artists in ad advertising their new “New York Bagel Supreme”. The company is now in a bit of hot water due to the fact that they did not get permission to use those murals. Well. McDonald’s did get someone’s permission: the owner of the building. They […]

Not Another Art Game

Every once in awhile some strange, abstract indie game is made. Usually people do not care enough to pay any attention to these games and they just remain obscure. I went out of my way to examine one of these games; a game titled Vivian Clark. Vivian Clark is an odd game from the start. […]

Should We be Using Holograms to Bring Celebrities Back from the Dead?

I was recently shown a video of a live Michael Jackson performance. A live performance that took place in 2015, about six years after his death. Current technological advancement have allowed Michael Jackson to be temporarily revived. He was animated using CGI and performed on stage with live action and animated dancers. The technology appears […]

I Don’t Want To Be In The Bill

How greatly do designers own their work? The client, I imagine, is looking for any chance to make their product as original as can be. After hiring a designer, I imagine there is a great dilemma for the client as to how much of the work’s origin is disclosed with the audience. Designer’s names are […]

Fashion is no longer a form of public display(?)

Fashion has become more of a statement rather than creating clothes to wear in public. What kind of statement? I can’t even answer that myself. Some come off bold, and some come off reserved, all portraying a different message. I watch people in fashions shows walk down the runway in the most absurd outfits. This […]

Couture Fashion Is Walking Art

I was recently browsing through some of the couture fashion shows of Spring 2017 on and came across one that particularly struck my attention. Guo Pei’s extraordinary Spring 2017 collection is worth looking at. It is walking artwork. The entire show took place where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before her beheading. The models were […]

DM, Design Master

Happy International TableTop Day everyone! And what better time than now to bring D&D back to my design talks? One of my most recent role models has been Matthew Mercer, voice actor and Dungeon Master for Critical Role, as well as a DM god in general. Often when I’m watching the show, I’m thinking, “What […]

Sublimation T-shirts

I don’t recall when exactly I started to collect sublimation print t-shirts, but I do recall why. In terms of design, they’re simply amazing. Just like my headphones, I’ve managed to accumulate at least 10 to 15 of them. All represent a favorite TV series or music artist, in turn reflecting my personality. Each t-shirt […]

iamamiwhoami (A commentary on Jonna Lee’s audiovisual project BLUE)

Jonna Lee is a Swedish artist who created the audiovisual project BLUE under the name iamamiwhoami. BLUE features ten music tracks that are accompanied by oceanic visuals in the forms of music videos and single covers. To begin with, Jonna Lee submitted the videos to her project on YouTube before she released them as singles […]