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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Weeaboo Trash? (Does Manga Art Have a Place in Fine Art?)

Should manga art be allowed in a fine arts program? Most people would say no. But why is that? Well, I can tell you it’s because you have many young artists whose portfolios consist of clunky manga drawings that are obviously Americanized to the point of cheesiness. Many of these students also refuse to learn […]

Top Three Typafaces

The typeface is an important element to have a visual communication. There are thousands of different typefaces, but I would like to talk about most famous typefaces; Helvetica, Futura, and Baskerville. Helvetica is a very famous typeface and people mostly use it. Max Miedinger, a Swiss typeface designer, created a Helvetica in1957. At the first […]

Work It Out Yourself

If you’ve ever gone to a new gym for the first time, odds are you’ve experienced having to make that awkward little dance around a machine while you’re trying to figure out how it works, how to adjust it, and how one earth you’re supposed to position your body around the dang thing.  You probably […]

Your Bedroom

When you step into someone’s bedroom, quite often you are able to quickly pick out details about that person. Lately, I’ve noticed when people come to hangout in my bedroom or house the first thing they seem to say is “I can tell you’re an artist.” Despite the lack of actual artwork in my room, […]

Ikea’s Frakta Vs. Balenciaga

The internet laughed when luxury fashion designer Balenciaga released their blue tote bag, Arena. Why? Because it looks like Ikea most iconic shopping bag, the Frakta. The similarity of the two sparked controversy  because of its blue hue, shape, size, and double shoulder straps. Of course they aren’t the same due to materials, brand, and […]

From Print to Web: A Brief History of the Drop Cap

brief history of the drop cap. I love drop caps—they always clutch my attention. Initially, drop caps or initial caps were incorporated into illuminated manuscripts dating back to the 4th century. Drop caps from this time period originally were heavily designed with more illustrative elements. For example, the photograph below illuminates that the illustration of […]

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When I took typography at NVCC, I was introduced to “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” My professor required us to go into the world and collect a minimum of 15 pieces that we thought fit into one of the categories. We were expected to explain what made them good or bad in order […]

Tracing Over Art That Isn’t Yours

When you were younger, have you ever traced over other artwork? Either from tracing sketchbook or from existing work, we have all traced over something at least once. In a way, tracing can help you improve your work, but you should never depend on it too much. The one place where I see the most […]

Type & Tats

There’s a lot to consider before getting a tattoo. I like to tell people that you have to think of it as more permanent than marriage. So make sure you really, really love what you plan on getting. The best way to ensure that you’ll always love it is to make sure it has a […]

choosing a font doesn’t have to be the Actual Worst

Whenever you are creating something with words, selecting the right font is an important choice. And for me, it was always the choice I hated most. Picking a font was pure misery solely because of the tedious nature of trying out my text in every possible font in Photoshop’s dropdown menu. But recently, I’ve seen […]