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Monthly Archives: September 2017

UX is the New Black

Truth is, design has taken a turn stylistically within the past couple of years. The UX field, for one, has been influenced the most. User Experience has become more and more minimized and simplified. Users want to be able to go to a website, and find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. […]

Stating the Obvious

Take this advertisement for DirtyBird Fried Chicken in. What do you see? A bird? Or something a bit more vulgar? Considering this is for a restaurant, I’m not so sure this logo is family friendly. The designer, Mark James, insists that it’s simply a rooster. In my opinion, a design critique from another artist is […]

Project 1324: Can Art Change the World?

Can art change the world? Adobe Systems (yes, the creators of our beloved Adobe Creative Suite) says yes. Project 1324 is an Adobe social impact initiative that works with leading youth art organizations and emerging creatives around the world to create a positive impact in their communities. An inclusive initiative, you don’t have to be […]

We Made a Magazine!

NAPIZUM Magazine, Issue 002 is out now! NAPIZUM is an art magazine for artists of all mediums. This is a passion project started by Benny Harps, David Sharp Jr. and me.  We all came together with the same vision to create a platform for “artists without a voice,” Each issue features artists from all around […]

Personalities role in design

We as human beings all have different personality traits. This can be due to our different upbringings, cultural backgrounds, and how we interact with the world we live in. Personality in design is huge because personality greatly influences our decision-making process, and it can be a powerful tool in the discipline of graphic design. Personality […]

Surrealism in Furniture

Have you ever thought about a relationship of surrealism and furniture? Everyday human dreams. Dreams can occur during sleep. In order to sleep comfortably, human needs furniture. Furniture provides us comfort. Usually, furniture art is based on nature. In a house, furniture is a bridge to connect people with nature. Designer Stephanie Marine creates furniture […]

Why do designers prefer to use Macs over PCs?

Why do designers prefer to use Macs over PCs? I recently asked my tech-savvy brother this question, as I browsed online through the latest Macbook pros. I hoped he could validate—what I thought was a fact—that Macs were simply better than PCs. He didn’t reaffirm Macs superiority at all, so I turned to the web […]

The Power of Red

Artists and designers can be called the magicians and wizards of the modern world, and one basic ingredient, in their book of design spells, is color. There are countless of psychological experiments and research that may leave many skeptical. Little does the average consumer know how much they are being manipulated subliminally. In essence, color […]

Is Photography Really Art?

Of course, as a photographer, I absolutely vote yes! But many would argue this idea, stating that nearly everyone owns a camera and everyone takes pictures. While that may be true, I would argue that nearly everyone also owns a paintbrush, but I wouldn’t claim that makes everyone an accomplished painter. But unlike painting, photographs […]

Deciding if freelancing is right for you…

Who wouldn’t want to be their own boss and work flexible hours? These are some perks that get people hyped about the freedom that freelancing provides, but they don’t fully think through all the responsibilities that come into play. Here are some questions to think about before becoming a freelancer: Are you a self-starter? Do […]