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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Nothing annoys me more than junk mail

Every day I get home from school and open my mailbox, and 95% of the time it is stuffed with junk mail and advertisements. Quality paper with gallons of ink injected in, plastered with typography boasting to “get your lawn treated,” or to “join the club at Gold’s Gym!” Hah, no thanks. I take care […]

Where I Draw the Line

If you’re a graphic design major most likely you’ve had to learn to master the adobe trio: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. All have similar elements that function together smoothly. You have also noticed that some have features that another doesn’t have. One of my major complaints about Adobe is how it can sometimes keep certain […]

After Graduation, What’s Next?

What’s next for GMU Art & Visual Technology students after graduation? As an AVT student with a concentration in photography, I often wonder what my next phase of life will look like after graduation. I hope to combine my new credential with my current career in IT, then maybe branch off into web design. But […]

Clients and Questions

I’m planning to start free-lancing soon, and have been unsure what initial questions to ask clients for an optimal start in the design process. After researching online, I found some helpful starter questions from ThoughtCo that could benefit those new to working with clients. Target Audience: Who is your client trying to reach? Taking in […]

Let’s Talk Sans Serif

If you’re a graphic designer, you most likely know you are expected to understand the difference between serif and sans serif letterforms and when it is appropriate to use them. However, when perceiving typography in design today, sans serif typefaces serve as the popular selection for designers. Since the Bauhaus design movement in the 1920’s, […]

The Graphic Design Influence

In today’s society we are overloaded with new brands and products that can really leave everyday consumers overwhelmed. As a graphic designer our job is to visually communicate a message that is aesthetically pleasing, which will draw that demographic of people in. Sometimes if I’m not sure about which product to get when choosing something […]

The Perfect Companion for a Creative

Graphic designers use rulers to achieve precise measurements, draw lines, and precise cutting with an x-acto knife.  The problem is that the standard ruler only has inches and centimeters but also lacks pica measurements that are used for print and pixel measurements. Designers who work with all four units are either good at mental math […]

Have you heard of “It’s Nice That”?

Like many of my peers in design, I spend a decent amount of time trawling the internet for inspiration and ideas. Of course, this can lead to dangerous and distracting time-wasting, or it can result in something truly wonderful– for me, recently, it led me to the metaphorical jackpot hidden in the recesses of the […]

Politics & Design Evaluation

We couldn’t say that winning elections is all about having a good logo. As a graphic designer’s points of view, we can compare Hillary’s logo with Trump’s logo for US presidential campaign. According to Michael Bierut in an essay for Design Observer, he mentioned that the simple geometry of the H-plus-arrow wasn’t enough to represent […]

The Evolution of Logo Design

           Apple has become the most famous trademark in the world. However, have you seen the first apple logo when it was first designed? I found this infographic from the article, “The Evolution of Logo Design” that shows the changes of logo design over time from big name company’s like Apple. There were some things […]