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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Motion Design

After taking a class on motion I have a new respect for motion designers. Motion graphics can be seen in almost all facets of our lives. From movies and tv shows to commercials and social media ads. The skill is one that not many people, me included really understood up until this point. I recently […]

Is Gotham the New Helvetica?

Originally commissioned for GQ magazine, Gotham’s popularity has boomed since its creation. Perhaps most notably, it was used for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential election campaign. A fresh sans-serif typeface—nostalgic but forward-facing—it doesn’t carry the sort of historical weight that neo-grotesque sans-serif typefaces do. Gotham was a perfect match for Obama’s campaign. Clean, crisp, and wonderfully […]

Gender Disparities in Design

In a classroom of design students, we see a mix of gender, and often time we see more women. According to statistics found on AIGA, “More than 50 percent of people working in the design and graphics arena are women. However, only 3 percent of women are creative directors, the most senior roles in the […]

Designing Women: The TV Show

As I was typing into Google the word design, to get some inspiration for my next post, Google auto populated the search ‘Designing Women’. I thought, cool! It must be a blog post about influential women in the design field. Wrong. It was an actual TV show that aired on CBS from 1986 to 1991. […]

Printer Horror Story

One thing every graphic designer must know is the importance of the test print. Test printing is stressed by many design professors at George Mason. I was the student that believed that printer errors didn’t happen so frequently. I was a carefree design student, until it happened to me. Last spring. It was not only […]

Why I Switched from Graphic Design to Photography

No doubt you are all here because of your own reasons. You either enjoy graphic designing or art or think this will be a promising career field. Or may you don’t know why you chose graphic designing at all. Whatever your reason may be, I would like to share my own. It was just last […]

Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist

Graphic Designer or Graphic Artist? That is the question. I am almost halfway done with my Junior year of college, and I am not sure which path to take. From a very early age, I have always known that I wanted to be called an “artist”. It wasn’t until high school that I decided to […]

Color Blindness and Design

As a graphic designer, it is imperative that you should not alienate anyone, if possible, in understanding what a design is trying to communicate. Now not everyone is going to see a design the way you want to, or how your client intended it, but there are ways to make sure almost everyone can literally […]

3 Tips for your Near Future

The reality after graduating for many of us, is that we will leave school unemployed. Luckily there are so many online resources that serve as free advice for this transitional phase. Here are just a few: IT WON’T BE EASY. Source as after source, this is the overarching theme. Unless you’re very lucky,  finding your […]

Confessions of a Photo-Voyeur

Designing a composition for a photograph starts with voyeurism. Voyeurism is from the French word, voyeur, meaning “one who looks”. So if voyeurism, at its’ most fundamental core, is about making visual observations, then isn’t all of photography voyeuristic on some level? Is voyeurism visual trespassing? Does it mean that the photographer does not interact […]