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Monthly Archives: November 2017

My Experience in a Letterpress Workshop

I recently had the privilege to attend a letterpress class held at Lead Graffiti in Newark, Delaware, led by a retired professor of design at the University of Delaware and his wife. Fellow designers: it was an incredible experience. The majority of the workshop was spent on designing our own typographical pages in a book […]

Random Rebranding: The Donkey Sanctuary!

Rebranding projects are perhaps the most exciting and gratifying works that a designer could ever be part of–or at least that’s what I think. A past rebranding project showcases the wonderful fruition of a new identity for a DONKEY SANCTUARY! It seemed quite bizarre for me to imagine, but I found the results sophisticated and […]

Tis the Season for #ChristmasLights Aesthetics

Thinking of a new cliche to shamelessly bandwagon? As the seasons change and the new year approaches, the amount of potential fire hazards for trendy Instagram pictures return at an alarming rate.  There are many iterations and creative ways to use Christmas lights. The string of lights does offer a way of lighting a subject […]

Never Judge a Wine by It’s Cover!

Haha, but I confess that is exactly what I do each and every time I shop for a new wine. When strolling through the aisles of the grocery store I make wine purchase decisions based purely on name and label design without any real knowledge of the wine! I generally know what I want to […]

Snapchat, a new art form?

I confess. I am guilty of being a slave to the modern world of social networking. If you’re part of this guilt train, Snapchat may be the root of your shame. Snapchat allows users to capture their daily life and keep their followers up to date through its many features. Originally, Snapchat was just a […]

The Best Graphic Design Firms For You

As students, we may take on freelance opportunities and use projects in class to express our personal design style. However, once we graduate, some of us may go out to work for a design agency. There are many options, so it may help to start looking for what agencies best fit your design style and […]

Frustrated? Design it!

Frustrated with something stupid that you feel like could have an easy fix to it? Why don’t you take matters into your own hand, and design it yourself! That’s just what David Barnett did. Barnett was a professor who was simply frustrated with his headphone wires constantly tangling. He wanted something that was easy to […]

Another Semester

Another semester is coming to a close for me, along with some of the most enjoyable classes I’ve had at George Mason. I won’t point out which classes but two of them are requirements for my B.A. in Graphic Design. These classes taught me the importance of internal and external education.   I firmly believe […]

Branding A Strategy

  Did you know that having a strong brand package can improve the growth of you company? A brand can be a color, logo, slogan, or all of them. However, in the article “Branding Guides: Take the Guessing Out of Design,” it explains that branding is “the experience that your customers walk away with from […]

Getting To The Basics

A lot of times we over complicate things; I’ve noticed that when we talk to children we try and explain things in the simplest terms. In certain situations, it would be helpful to look at certain things as a child would. I hadn’t heard the term “graphic design” until I was in college and I […]