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Monthly Archives: November 2017

You Don’t Need To Be An Artist

Starting off as a graphic designer can seem daunting when seeing examples of exemplary works by professionals. You will likely see many causes of graphic design mixed with illustrations that are done by drawers. You might be discouraged in your efforts to be a designer because you don’t know how to draw or even draw […]

Gifts for Graphic Designers!

It’s officially Christmas season! Whether you’re shopping for a graphic designer in your life or just looking for fun and creative gifts, here’s a list of my top five favorite design-inspired gifts. The Slate 2.0 Lapdesk: Whether you’re working from your bed or the couch, Slate’s laptop desk protects your laptop from heat and even […]

Honeycomb’s Big No No No

We grow up with recognizable brands with a sense of nostalgia for their designs and advertisements. Rebrands are inevitable but might leave a bad taste in your mouth if you don’t like the design. As a graphic design major, it has become easier for me to let go of some of my favorite food brand […]

Starting Up Your Design Portfolio

As several design students are approaching their last semester at school, some of us have not created a design portfolio yet. Portfolios can make or break a job opportunity, so it’s important to execute it well. Your portfolio is your place to shine and show your possible future employer what you’re capable of. Here are […]

Sprite Cranberry Returns with a Holiday Jingle

It’s the thirst, thirstiest time of the year I have just one query Wanna Sprite Cranberry? The answer is clear It’s the thirst, thirstiest time of the year Sprite! Let’s go! Sprite Cranberry returns as the holidays approach with the same packaging design from previous years but a new twist in their advertisement. Sprite creates […]

Ugly Fonts Have a Place in Design Too

I’ve heard graphic designers say many times that Comic Sans needs to simply just go away. For the most part, designers do not like this font! If you say the words, Comic Sans in conversation, you can visually watch their facial expressions start to cringe. But why do designers seem to have such distaste for […]

Design Blogging

I’ve grown to learn that writing a consistently effective blog specifically about design is challenging. Although I’ve always heard that there is no true right way or wrong way to blog, the problem I have come across this term is how to come up with good topics. In my experience one of the biggest factors […]

Good Habits When Working

Long hours seem to be the norm for many Americans in the workforce. And although these jobs come with many benefits, they can come at the cost of your physical health. For example, sitting within a cubicle for long hours can lead to bad posture if you don’t realign yourself every so often. Getting up […]

3 Reasons to be Happy as a Designer

It’s Thanksgiving and there is a lot to be thankful about. Whether you are just now starting off as a student, or already have an existing career in the field, there are plenty of reasons to be happy as a graphic designer! 1. You get paid for being creative. While design is a procedural discipline, […]

A Realization

If you have a hunch, run with it. Recently, I scrapped my idea on an argumentative essay upon realizing a new topic I wanted to write on even more. If you ever feel you could do something better and more genuinely, then do it. Take the risks and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because […]