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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Design and Illustration: an Alluring Match

Graphic design and illustration are two separate yet comparable arts and are often used in their own independent ways. For example, when we think of design, we think of streamlined type and images on a website or publications, and when we think of illustration we often think of comics or children’s books. These two fields […]

Science reliant on art?

Art and science often go with each other regardless if majority of people want to admit or recognize it. Sculpture is an obvious medium that is reliant on science in order for it to be successful you need engineering, mathematics, ect. Although less obvious graphic design is necessary for science, an art form that supplies […]

Earth Without Art is Eh

Art is easily one of the most controversial career choices you can pursue. In an aesthetics course we discussed how majority of people are driven to pursue careers that will produce money instead of choosing a career path based on passion. Art is a passion driven field, there are a lot of uncertainties within it […]


Islamic calligraphy is something familiar to me, I hold it close and dear to my heart. Having grown up a Muslim, I never gave my self a chance to explore the arts in Islam mainly because we were taught iconography is not something practiced within the Islamic tradition. Until recently did I start exploring what […]


Contrary to probable popular belief color actually plays an important role in the world we live in far beyond pure aesthetics. From psychology to physiology, color is integral to the sciences of human functioning. Color as we know it is usually relative and only exclusive to artists, designers etc. but there are much deeper significant […]

The Psychology of Yellow

Colors have cultural and psychological significance that designers should consider when making art. The color yellow, for example, is often associated with energy and joy. If used in a design, yellow can create a sense of happiness and hope. Different shades of yellow can also have distinct connotations. Softer, light yellows have been known to […]

Take a break

I absolutely love graphic design. I love the satisfaction of when a design comes together at 3 am, or when I find that perfect font for my design. That feeling you get when you’re gazing upon the finished fruits of your labor, after hours of manipulating pixels. It’s this satisfaction of creating great designs that […]

60,000 Times Faster

Sometimes you can say more in 140 characters than with an entire novel. Well, 280 characters now that Twitter changed the character limit for their users’ posts. Social media has become one of the most critical tools for any public relations professional. Information has never spread so quickly. The popularity of outlets like Snapchat, Instagram, […]

Design So Good It Makes You Crazy!

Starting out as an art student I didn’t have much appreciation for anything aesthetic. I liked certain things, but I had never put any thought into how things were created or designed. I was introduced to the idea of random objects having been thought out and designed by someone was learning about Marcel Duchamp. Learning […]

Vote or Shut Up!

The AIGA’s “Get Out The Vote 2016” campaign was a call for artist to submit inspiration designs of posters to encourage people to vote. One of the designs was called the Vote or Shut Up poster; this poster is a United States flag that the artist drew the word vote with a speech bubble saying, […]