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Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Design Horror Story

It’s Friday night you go out to a nice restaurant with some friends to get your mind off your current projects. You look at the menu and spend about 10 mins looking at the menu picking apart how bad it is! Bad graphic design is everywhere. The averaged person might not notice it, but you […]

Mathematical Artists: The Hidden Art Community

When I officially become a student pursuing a dual degree in Mathematics and Graphic Design, my first few years became a quest for finding out how to combine the two. At the time I was feeling excited, and, at the same time, nervous that I may be the only person in my college and my […]

Give Me More Than Art Now

These are the textbooks for Art Now and the History of Graphic Design, respectively. Only one of these classes is a requirement for all graphic design majors, but it’s not the obvious choice…So why is Art Now a required class for graphic designers, but the History of Graphic Design is not? In Art Now, contemporary […]


What is behind an impeccable design? How does one go from point A to point B with their concept? It’s all in the process. An in depth design process is a strenuous, but necessary factor in a successful product. The first step in the design process would be the brain storming. Even with an idea […]

Robots and Humans

This year, an art organization called Burning Man is holding an event called “I, Robot.” “I, Robot” will consist of giant robots made by artists that are displaying in a wide-open area for everyone to see. This event will do more than just display robots; Burning Man wants visitors to participate and think about how […]

You think you have problems? Try being a design student

Students face problems every day in college, but design students deal with a whole different level of challenges. Art students face the difficulties of having to learn a new program or remembering how to work some of the tools we are given. Just when we think we learned the program, something gets updated and we […]

The paint on the wall

Graffiti: Art or vandalism? that has always been the question. Graffiti has gotten a negative connotation with its name and usage. Graffiti is defined as the act of “writing, drawing, or spraying illicitly on a surface, in a public space”(Dictionary). Graffiti is illegal in most states in the United States and is labeled as vandalism […]

The “Easy Major”

It’s 4 am and you have been sitting behind your little computer screen for hours on end pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect balance in your design. Meanwhile, everyone else is nicely tucked away in their beds dreaming about a better tomorrow. You could join them, but then you realize that you’re […]

Know Your Values

What separates you from the designers around you? When you stop to think of your differences, there may not be as many as you had originally thought. Designers today are starting to use the same styles, following the same trends, and being influenced by the same inspirations. Although the solution seems odd, designers need to […]


Who said designers only make pretty things? We can code too!   Although most trained graphic designers generally graduate with an arts and design degree, they still somewhat touch on some of the information technology’s (IT) basics. The basics of coding would be what are referred to, as HTML and CSS. HTML and CSS are […]