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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Bedazzled Fingernails: A Case Study on the Sights and Sounds of Mastodon

Mastodon, perhaps you’ve heard of them, perhaps not. Either way, its no secret that these Atlanta-based prog-metal titans are making a name for themselves. Active since 2000, the band has paved the way for so many smaller bands all while taking what it means to be stereotypically ‘metal’ and absolutely crush it. The band’s first […]

The New Look

When an iconic brand goes through a change, it will always be a big change, but not always successful. The Coca-Cola Company just went through a huge re brand of their Diet Coke products due to falling sales. In statements given by the Coca-Cola company, they stat that they wanted a new modern look to […]

Deconstructing Spider-Man: Stan Lee’s Balancing Act

Comic book legend Stan Lee’s original 100 consecutive issue run on The Amazing Spider-man from 1964 to 1971 is widely considered one of the greatest spans of writing in comic book history. In the 1960s, The Amazing Spider-Man was a refreshing take on the increasingly predictable superhero genre, as it featured a young hero dealing […]

Design is Not Art

Ooo you’re an art major? You must be able to draw really well! I watch as the excitement leave their face when I tell them that I can not draw to save my life, I do graphic design. The look on their face goes from “how you think you’re going to make a living on […]

Clients and Communication

Working with clients is one of the best and worst parts of being a designer. I enjoy listening to clients describe the things they are passionate about and want me to help them create design solutions for, but when it comes to receiving feedback from clients, as a designer you can be stuck waiting. Since […]

The Perfect Tool

Where would artist, designers, and writers be today without the pencil? Beyond a doubt, the pencil is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. There are so many variations to choose from: wooden, woodless, mechanical, etc. As a designer, I am picky when choosing my perfect tool. Choosing what pencil to […]

Video Game Cover Art

While browsing video game stores looking for something new to play, either physical or online, the first thing I see is the cover art of the game. The style and images can give me an idea of what kind of adventure I’ll find playing the game. Some covers are more appealing than others, and sometimes […]

Less is More

In the past decade I noticed we are getting more and more minimal with design. Whether it is graphic design, interior design, or even architectural design, the more minimal the design the better. We enjoy a crisp and clean environment.   If we take a look at a website design back in the 80’s we […]

When you think you have it all figured out

Story of my life. I started out this semester on top of everything. I even bought a new planner to organize and plan my weekly schedule. Well, sometimes things don’t work out as planned and when you don’t plan for bad things, chaos takes over. As a designer in training, I have to be ahead […]

Poster Designs for TV Series

Designing successful and interesting TV show posters might be tricky for designers when they have to make the decision of what images should represent the feeling or main selling points for a show. Many TV shows have relied on just showing the main character and the title of the show, but there are some who […]