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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Dairy Flipping

Recently, Chobani decided to redo their entire identity — not just their logo and imagery, but their slogan and overall company objectives. Chobani is likely the biggest name in yogurt outside of Yoplait, and as a result, smaller brands have taken cues from the company’s brand. The result is a lot of same-y looking products […]

Branding misconceptions

Branding more about the firm. The concept changed from focusing on the company to be more about the customers. Unlike years ago where companies focused on differentiating themselves in the market, the new slogan is more about the firm. The company proves to the targeted niche that it is the only soul provider of a […]

What do you design for?

What’s your purpose in the design world? Are you going to be a designer that only designs corporate material or advertisement? A designer that entered the field because you only wanted to make a living out of it? Or are you going to become a designer that designs with a purpose? To design things to […]

Psychology of Color in Marketing

Psychology of color in marketing   Ever thought about how effective color can play a role in branding. Turns out color has a powerful psychological affect on us that we don’t even realize. Right down to the shades of colors, colors have a psychological affect on the way we process different brands and logo designs. […]

Say “NO!” To (Cheesy) Stock Photos

We’ve all been there: you need a photo, FAST, and you just don’t care if it looks super staged and cheesy, so you find the cheapest (hopefully free) stock photo you can find and use it. Maybe you mean to replace it (maybe you forget), or maybe you plan to leave it and move on, […]

The incredible work by Concha Garcia

If you are used  to all of the powerful tools of Photoshop, you might not have a high expectations from Paint, the drawing software from the older versions of Windows. But is it possible to exploit the potential of the software and create beautiful designs? YASSS!! I didn’t know about how cool Paint could be until […]

Design Trends and Cultural Relevance

I came across a thought-provoking article on the history of graphic design that highlighted the importance of understanding context when it comes to design trends.   The article is titled “How the Evolution of Graphic Design Lines Up with Historical Events”, and it comes from the website HyperAllergic.  In the article, author Meghan Liberty discusses […]

So I found this really interesting website…

The website is called “myNoise” and it is a website that contains a plethora of ambient soundscapes, or “Noise machines”. I came across this website more than a year ago, and I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. There are dozens of noise machines available on the website, and they are […]

First Impressions

In my last post, I discussed how strong branding improves a company’s public relations because it shows that the organization understands its own identity. When an organization has a distinctive identity, they express that they know the services they offer are unique and worth investing in. Logos are consumers’ first impressions of a company’s brand. […]

The Importance of Organizational Identity

Perhaps the strongest relationship between public relations and graphic design exists in branding. A consistent visual identity contributes to the overall organizational identity, and a company cannot service the public if they do not know who they want to be in the public’s eyes. Take Apple for example. One could argue that their brand is […]