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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Current issue: Repatriation

The repatriation of art objects has been a controversial topic since the past that includes museums, galleries and in some cases even the court. These three subjects are involved depending who has the main object, who requests the repatriation, and in case, the court is the only solution if the subject who has the object […]

Is Repetition Fitting or Bland and Boring?

Recently, Hedi Slimane came out with Celine’s new Spring 2019 line, which is now being criticized for having similar designs to his previous line with Yves Saint Laurent. This brings up the question as to whether Hedi Slimane should be commemorated or critiqued for having such similar designs in his recent switch from Yves Saint […]

3D printing on Mars

I am sure by now we are all aware about plans to eventually relocate humans to Mars. It is a general assumption that NASA is in charge of this program — that it is going to cost a LOT of money! Cost is a big factor when planning a move anywhere. Imagine trying to move […]

Bigger Phones, Bigger Pockets

Technology in recent years has been rapidly advancing, not just with specs but also in design. The cell phones that people own have been getting progressively larger with each year. Apple is a prime example of this occurrence with their frequent change in design biyearly.  From the iPhone 4 all the way to the new […]

What Being Deaf Graphic Designer is Like

I sometimes find myself wondering what working as Deaf graphic designer is like. A few days ago, the idea of interviewing with someone has came into my mind. I know someone who is currently working at the company ORISE Fellow as Deaf graphic designer in Maryland, and her name is Kaori Vazquez. I emailed her few questions […]

One-Eighth of a Second

How tedious can motion design be? This semester I decided to take on motion design, not knowing what I was getting myself into. In previous classes at Mason, professors’ encouraged students to sign up for it; it will help you stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs they said. I know motion design […]

Less is More

Nowadays, designs that have less detail is considered more. I would have to agree, that a simplified design is more powerful than an intricate design. When I look at old logo designs versus current, I (typically) find the newer design to be more successful. I think a clean look draws more attention because it’s easier […]

Don’t Overlook Your Nonvisual Senses

There’s a legitimate emphasis in graphic design on visual elements. The visual design of a poster or book cover is usually noticed first, but there is so much in the world that is not conveyed through sight. Designers have to consider how all five senses, working together, influence the final product. First, tactility, texture, and […]

Cereal Boxes Are Designed To Trick You…

Do you remember tagging along with your parents to the grocery store, and having a cereal box stand out to you so much? Do you remember wanting to buy the Spiderman or Powerpuff Girls cereal box despite the flavor not being your favorite?  Well, you’ve been tricked, by good design! Just as with many other […]

Should personal style be sacrificed for client satisfaction?

Graphic design is a transactional business. A lot of graphic designers feel the need to impose their personal style instead of actually pursuing the communicative goal of whichever client they’re working with at any given moment. Personal touch and flair should be considered, however, is not necessary in all situations. I believe that an experienced […]