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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Harry Styles’ Merchandise

Over the summer I went to a Harry Styles concert with my sister. Keep in mind I’m not the one who is obsessing over this gorgeous man. My sister is the one who is head over heels for him, I was just there to help her record the whole experience while she bawls her eyes […]

Performance Arts Have Gone Too Far.

“Helena” was a performance exhibition created by Chilean artist Marco Evaristti; this exhibition featured ten white Moulinex Optiblend 2000 mixers filled with live gold-fish. The blenders were visibly plugged in and were ready to use, anyone at the exhibition could press the yellow buttons on the blenders therefore to kill the fish, which made the […]

Dr. Martens

  In the early 1940s, a 25-year-old soldier named Dr. Klaus Maertens from the UK designed boots with air cushioned sole to aid his recovery from a broken foot. He then told a friend from college what he designed and went into business together selling most of the footwear to elderly women. They later expanded […]

What Language Do We See?

In TED talk video, the illustrator Christoph Niemanntalks about “the language of reading images.” Taking complex words, ideas or emotions and transforming them into icons is a language that artists used, while viewers read these icons and understand them. That is the language that we use both as artists and viewers, whether we create it […]

Does Having Synesthesia Make you a Better Creative?

Are you one of the 4% of the world’s population that make up synesthetes? You can say “yes” if you have ever visualized sounds, smelled words, tasted textures, touched colors, or any experience similar to this. This phenomenon is called synesthesia. The root of the word synesthesia comes from the Greek “syn,” which means together, […]

Michael Kors X Versace

How can Versace, one of the most iconic Italian fashion labels, be bought by Michael Kors‽ This is absolutely insane! Versace is a brand with a very strong heritage and DNA—most people can notice their medusa emblem from a mile away. It upsets me that they were bought out by Michael Kors because I think […]

Success In Makeup Package Designs

Makeup is used on a daily by women and men all around the world. The cosmetics world is increasing at a fast rate, more and more people are buying makeup than before. We develop our interest in makeup because it help enhances one’s appearance, giving us a boost in confidence. I for one, developed an […]

Why Less is More

Every time I visit my aunts and uncles’ houses, I get lost behind oversized puffy pillows on the fancy sofa, a perfect spot for hide and seek. Their curtains are massive and decorated with a floral pattern, and its purpose is lost because no one uses them to cover the window. This kind of old-fashioned […]

I Don’t Like Reading but Good Design Makes Me Think I Do

I have fallen victim to the world of button pushers. In middle school, I prided myself on the number of books I read a month. Every other Friday, my literature teacher had us take Renaissance Accelerated Reader Quizzes. These assessments consisted of 10 multiple choice questions that tested specific knowledge about these stories. Whoever took […]

Did you notice?

Did you know that Google Chrome was launched in September of 2008?  Chrome turns ten years old this month! How did Google decide to celebrate this milestone anniversary? You guessed it, makeover! The first thing you notice when you open the browser is that nearly everything is a circle. You most visited sites and tabs […]