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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Starbucks Sippy Cup

Recently while doing homework with a friend, I noticed that the Starbucks cup she was drinking from looked a little different. After examining it for a few more seconds, I noticed that the lid of the cold brew drink totally changed. Yes, Starbucks now has a sippy cup lid to replace their famous green straws! […]

Design Tech

Nowadays, technology is designed shiny, sleek, and simple. Which makes it easier to hold and carrier around. For example, both Apple and Samsung newest phones are shiny, sleek, and simple. They’re both thin and don’t have much buttons on them. Although it’s easier to hold it’s a lot lighter and more likely to break than […]

Growing Indoors

There is a new type of lamp created by Bjarke Ingels Group and Artemide and this lamp is a color changing lamp that can help plants grow. This new lamp is called Gople, it is pilled shaped, can be adjusted into different temperatures and can diffuse different colored lights. The lights are either blue, red or white. Each color […]

Are Robots Taking Over the Art World?

Suppose you are walking into a gallery and notice the painting of Edmond de Belmany. Look closer, the painting is made up of dots that causes a blurred face with two black eyes and vague lips, like it has no identity. It is little creepy. Then, you decide to check its artist name, which is Obvious. […]

Pumpkin Carving Madness

Is pumpkin carving graphic design? Halloween is in a couple of days, so this weekend I carved a pumpkin. When I was picking out a pumpkin carving design out of the Pumpkin Master kit, I thought who makes the designs for people to carve?  The designs could be a product of a random person or […]

Why Businesses Should Invest in a Professional Logo Design

A well-designed logo will help make a business look more professional. Regarding consumer perception, a professional logo can build a sense of trustworthiness and quality with customers that have no prior history with the brand. This is especially important with companies that rely solely on online sales such as Amazon and eBay. In Amazons case, […]

The Dome of Visions

In Aarhus, Denmark near the waterfront lies the Dome of Visions. The structure is a culture center for the city where its visitors and residents can get involved with and support the community. The Dome is both aesthetically pleasing and stands out in relation to the architecture of the city. The space easily catches the […]

The House Interior Everyone is Obsessed With

            Texture, detail, and lots of geometry are hallmarks of the exotic and luxurious Moroccan interior design style. Many tourists and visitors to Morocco are inspired by this unique, expressive elegance and try to recreate it once back in their home countries. The Moroccan look can be achieved in many […]

Smart Homes – The Future?

Currently, I work in design and sales at a smart-home company. One thing I can tell you, is that the idea of a connected home is becoming one of the most attractive ideas to new home buyers. Being able to have whole home audio, video, security, comfort, and lighting all controllable from a single application […]

A virtual makeover can change everything

HATO, a graphic design studio, has designed a website for the British restaurant Sketch that suggests clients play with food and texture. Usually, restaurants feature websites have photos of the venue and food, but what makes unique the new Sketch website is that its gallery is made up of animated graphics and games. Ken Kirton, […]