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Monthly Archives: October 2018

A revolutionary technology: Hyperloop

As technology advances, new and improved ideas for transportation are quickly developing. Elon Musk, is creating the future for transportation. He is known for his extraordinary vision for technical transportation. He is the founder of Tesla, the world’s first ever premium all-electric sedan (Model S) to be made and the rapidly reusable rockets, SpaceX. He […]

Typewriter Typefaces

This is a typewriter. Unlike many of millennials today, I had the blessing and curse of growing up with parents who are stuck in the past. I have seen a typewriter in real life. I knew how to use a typewriter as a kid, because grew up with a typewriter in my house! I am […]

Edible Sculpture?! Too Good to Be True!

An edible sculpture is a result of teamwork between artist José Margulis and chef Dinara Kasko. The cake is an edible version of Margulis’s sculpture work. Kasko used chocolates and basics ingredients to carry Margulis’s work and message. Cutting machine was used to cut blocks of red and white chocolate, then the chocolates were placed on top […]

Korean Beauty Brands Took Packaging Design To The Next Level.

The packaging of a product plays an important role in influencing one’s purchasing decision; especially in the beauty industry. Admittedly, Korean beauty brands are not only innovative with their product formulas but also very creative with their packing designs, making their products hard to resist in the eye of the beholder. If you are a […]

I’m Creative. What’s Your Superpower?

Are you Clarke Kent or Superman? The answer is neither. You are your own person, silly. How can one of the most notorious and iconic superheroes of history have anything to do with graphic designers­—or with creatives in general? Lately, I have been listening to a few different podcasts that are geared toward designers and […]

Designing a New Way to Read: Interactive and Insta Novels

As an avid reader, I’m fascinated by the increasing number of people who read books on mobile devices. In China, for example, serialized e-books have become an explosive trend; the company China Literature has grown bigger than Amazon Kindle. Some designers have observed the success of e-books and are incorporating interactivity and illustrations into stories […]

Graphic Fashion

Nowadays, many fashion designers are moving towards an edgier, more graphic style. Garments and shoes that are adorned with bold text and crazy designs seem to be the new trend in fashion. Although I am not a big fan of this avant garde trend, it seems to be taking over the fashion industry all the […]

Fjällräven Kånken

In the late 1970, 80 percent of Swedish people had back problems. Mostly from the type of back bags they carried. The Swedes also noticed that the ones having back pains got younger and younger so, they came up with a back bag that was better than the ones that were being used. Åke Nordin […]

A New Brand Identity Can Make A Sport Team Better

When I was a child, growing up I never watched the NBA. Not because I didn’t like basketball, I loved basketball and went to many college basketball games. It was because the Washington Wizards, my home team, always were bad. I was never too invested in the team because unlike Football where there’s 16 games, […]

Little Girl Giant of Liverpool

The 2018 Sea Odyssey: Giant Spectacular A.K.A. “3 Giants of Liverpool” as many may know it — a performance art even of giant marionettes created by Jean Luc Courcoult in Liverpool England, returns for the last time! This performance art event involves over one hundred French workers who are in charge building and bringing the […]