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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Bad Decisions That Made Apple The First Trillion Dollar Company In The U.S.

Apple has always been as an innovative tech company; it stetted many new standers for the tech world, other tech companies cannot do much about it but follow Apple’s latest trends to stay in business. Even the most innovative company will make bad decisions, the latest iPhones and MacBook Pro have been criticized heavily for […]

Interactive pen

The Cooper Hewitt Museum is a must-see during a trip to New York. The Smithsonian Design Museum is located near Central Park in the upper east side of Manhattan. While buying the entrance tickets, the receptionist hands you a black pen that guest can use to keep track of their favorite artwork and use to […]

It’s all about the presentation

The food industry is constantly growing; however, restaurants are always seeking new ways to grow and succeed. Nowadays, it is all about the presentation. Restaurants reel in their customers by creatively displaying the food. Whether it is by making things [extra] large and/or cute, or by using “unique” ingredients to create something different and original. […]

The Menu I Can’t Stand

The food? Check. The service? Check. THE MENU!!?? OH BOY. Am I the only one who thinks that the Cheesecake Factory’s menu needs an extreme makeover? I seriously get nervous holding that menu – it’s literally like reading a whole book! I get it; they have many food options for us to choose from. But […]

Moving the Moon Closer

The city of Chengdu in China announced that they are planning to launch an illumination satellite disguised as an artificial moon; it is suppose to replace the street lights. The satellites are suppose to create moon-like glows while also releasing a more powerful light. The lights will be able to cover 6 to 50 miles […]

Color Inspiration

I love color! I enjoy layering and mixing bold colors in my designs. This past year I have been collecting images with colors that I find interesting. I find it difficult to come up with these color schemes in my head, so I look into other art and design areas, then I photograph or save […]

FYI: For Your Infographic

How can you convert lots of hard data, information, or knowledge into a creative visualization for your infographics? Do not forget the MAIN purpose of infographics which is to present the idea clearly and quickly for the audience to understand. The three tips to make a beautiful infographic: Be Accurate Research. You have to ensure that […]

Three Questions to Ask before Rebranding: NSU As a Case Study

This summer, I got to attend a conference session at Norfolk State University in which an NSU marketing team shared the rebranding process they underwent last year. The university went from an outdated logo to a well-thought-out visual identity. The NSU rebranding team shared a few key questions they asked themselves to ensure the final […]

“Green” Graphic Design

Graphic designers hold the responsibility to organize and construct how information is delivered to consumers and the public. For many designers and companies, the aim is to persuade and spread social and ecological values. An eco-friendly mindset oftentimes does not align with corporate strategy and marketing projects. However, for design firms like MSLK, a product’s […]

Lesson Learned: Using Color as a Focal Point

It’s always surprising how something so trivial can influence my mind as a graphic designer. This weekend, I took a trip up to New York City for one of my general studies classes at George Mason University. I was excited for the trip, but did not know how much it would end up inspiring my […]