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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Helvetica, it’s everywhere!

Everywhere you look there are million advertisement and thing that the majority of don’t notice is the typeface. There are millions of typefaces used and the one typeface that is overused, Helvetica. Now I’m saying that Helvetica is a bad typeface, it’s one of the best typefaces out there because it’s invisible. In an article […]

Little Texts on the Screen

In 1903, Edwin S. Porter’s film Uncle Tom’s Cabin created subtitles for the first time in media history. It was a big deal because the story content and dialogue could be fully explained for silent movies without audio. Today, subtitles are still widely used which is great news. However, some subtitles on TV cables are not […]

The End of a Marathon

After midterms are over, every college student looks forward to Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving is the time to relax and stuff our faces with homecooked food unless you are a designer like me and have final projects and papers due shortly after you return to college. Personally, between working and spending time with family, I did […]

The Value of Antiques

In Las Vegas, there is a street that is filled with antique and vintage shops. These shops have all sorts of antiques and vintage finds, from furniture, clothes, decorations, old bottles, and even some taxidermy mounts. The area was relatively successful with sales and the number of shoppers passing through.        But what […]

Looking Out for the Future

A lot of designers in the recent years are looking to design and produce products in a more environmentally friendly way. For example a company in the Netherlands called Plasticiet, is changing the way we use recycled plastic. They use the recycled plastic to produce sheet-like material that looks like terrazzo stone composites and marble. They […]

Have you updated to MacOS Mojave?

Have you updated your MacOS software yet? MacOS is an operating system on the MacBook and recently Apple Inc. released their fifteenth major update, the macOS Mojave. The latest design of this software includes new features such as dark mode, stack, and new ways to screenshot and look through your gallery. The drastic change to […]

No More Warm Beer

Every gone to the beach and brought a beer with you and not long into your time being there it gets all warm and gross. Now there’s a thermal case that’s been created called the BottleKeeperthat solves that issue. This device is essentially a thermal bottle that is designed to hold a beer bottle inside […]

Mastering the Basics: Color

One of most fundamental principles of art and design is color. What a simple concept. The correct use or lack of color in every design is critical in successful design. It is not as simple as it seems. Some designers have a natural ability to choose the most effective and complementary colors to type, image, […]

The new version of the design packaging of Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft has redesigned the packaging of Xbox Adaptive Controller to make it easier to open for gamers with limited mobility. In May, the brand released the Xbox Adaptive Controller which is a video game controller for people with a disability. Following feedbacks from consumers with disabilities, the company considered how it can improve the packaging […]

Effortless Design? There’s No Such Thing

When I first saw Ray Collins’ photographs of ocean waves, I was stunned. The presence of the water is almost palpable, rushing and thundering down yet glimmering like colored glass. But as beautiful as these final works are, we only get to see Collins’ best photos. A subject as ephemeral as the sea is hard to […]