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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Collapsible Straws

What could be more refreshing than an iced cold coffee on the hot summer day; or any iced drinks of your choice? I love to drink cold beverages from a straw, especially while I am driving. Not only by drinking from a straw could prevent spillages in the car; also allow me to pay full […]

Jonathan Alder

I’ve always been interested in interior design, but never knew that much about it. Something that I do know about interior design is that I have always loved the designs of Jonathan Alder. Jonathan Alder is an American interior designer that started with pottery. His pottery collections were sold at Barney’s New York, and he […]

Brooklyn Bridge

The most famous bridge in New York City is the Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge is a tourist attraction to millions of people around the world. The bridge cross over from Manhattan to Brooklyn a span of 1,595.5 feet and a height of 276.5 ft above the East river and on it are commuters wether its by […]

Minimalism – For Better or For Worse?

A lot of people think minimalism is just an easy way to get by for designers. In my opinion, and in my years as a designer that is learning every day, I find that minimalism is a sort of practice. Using the least amount of elements in the most stripped down way is an exercise […]

The Art of Newborn Photography

Photographing people is not easy, but have you ever thought about what it’s like to attempt a photo shoot with a newborn? Photographing babies is very challenging, and that’s mainly because you never know what to expect from them. Experts recommend starting an infant photo shoot when the baby is sleeping, because at that time […]

Meet your silent bodyguard

While hanging out with my cousin recently, she told me about an app called Noonlight. It is an app for your safety, you connect your device to the app and it can sense danger. Or you can manually set an alarm to trigger when you need help. When the alarm goes off it sends an […]

No Hate Allowed

Recently online there is a retailer called Keep and Bear and they launched a lego-like kit for Donald Trump’s border wall. The packaging with the letters “MAGA” is made to look very much like Lego’s packaging. Also on the packaging is an angry looking Trump figurine, as well as a Hispanic man wearing a sombrero hat […]

Making sustainable fashion accessories

Oskar Metsavaht, brazilian designer, developed the skin from the pirarucu fish found in Amazonian rivers as an alternative to traditional bovine leather, which is harmful to the environment. Metsavaht used the fish material in fashion accessories and garments. Metsavaht founded Brazilian fashion brand called Osklen, where he decided to put the wasted fish skin to […]

Font Licensing

There are so many aspects of graphic design that I am clueless about. One of those being Font Licensing. I set out to educate myself on this subject by turning to non-other-than Gram Smith thelogosmith. I was shocked a couple of years ago when I found out that you could be sued for using a […]

From Peels to Food Containers

Emma Sicher, an Italian designer, created food containers form fruit and vegetable leftovers. Combining leftovers with bacteria and yeasts, Sicher created substitute containers to plastic and eco-friendly containers. Peels of fruit or vegetable are soaked in water with yeast, acetic, bacteria, and some sugar which turns vitamins and fructose in the peels to a substance […]