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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Hand Drawn Text

 In a world with many creative designers, thinking outside the box can be difficult. One idea is adding hand drawn text to a design. A hand drawn text can help give a design more character. It can sometimes add a more playful feel to a text. I the image I added below, the text reads […]

Need a Career Change? Become a Graphic Designer!

Technology has taken over the world. Companies are in need of putting themselves online and making their presence known. The demand for graphic designers is higher than ever. Graphic design will never go out of style because everything involves design: menus, business cards, advertisements on trucks, opening credits in a movie, etc. People take these […]

INCA Brand Identity

Fieras Estudio and Jorge Luis Campozano recently created a brand identity and packaging design for INCA, a tea brand. The designs for this brand are inspired by the divine figures Pachamama, Inti, and Viracocha from the Inca culture and religion. These figures were paired with specific flavors that complement what the deities represent and stand […]

Design Better Forms Like Your Life Depends On It

Let’s face it: designing forms isn’t the most interesting or sexy design job out there but they are incredibly important. Companies are investing tons of money into researching what compels users to finish and submit forms. The graphic design principles that we learned early on in our careers directly translate to form design. If the […]

A Designer Running Disney

Last June, I decided to run a half marathon. I’d never run anything more than the mandatory mile in high school, so this was a huge deal. I signed up to run the Disney Princess Half, and 9 months and 270 miles later, I finally ran it this past weekend. Disney made every effort to […]

Map Design

Map design influences the way in which we explore and navigate the world. Maps are a form of experiential design, which deals with the way in which a location is through graphic design, as well as a form of an infographic. This type of design integrates cartography, illustration, and graphic design into providing us with […]

The Process is Important!

Its easy to appreciate a piece of work or a design. However, to every amazing painting or well executed design, there is a process. Everyone has their own. If you ask one hundred different people what they do before and while they are creating something, you are bound to get one hundred different responses. Though, […]

Smile Spreading Socks

Socks are a daily essential but not usually given much thought as part of an outfit. Men’s business apparel is typically a simple ensemble of limited, neutral color. You might be thinking, ¬-that doesn’t have to be the case, that is a choice. Yes, there are some bright colors and patterns in men’s business wear, […]

Airplane safety brochures

Are airplane safety brochures useful? Once you get in the plane and the plane is about to take off the caption greets you, and lets the passengers know how the weather is outside, and where the plane is heading. Afterwards the caption wants you to drive your attention to one of the flight attendants. The […]

The power of color

As designers, we are always working to persuade peoples decisions, whether that be what brand of shoe to buy to who to vote for in the next election. It’s great to know the right font and imagery to use but one of the most powerful tools we have as designers is color. Colors do a […]