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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Graphic Design in the Real World

Recently I just got a job in the graphic design realm. I work as one of the Student Marketing Assistants in the Auxiliary Enterprises for George Mason University. I’ve never had a job pertaining to what I want to do with my degree so I was very excited. After working for a couple weeks I’ve […]

Hyper Realism Is Just Around the Corner

People have always talked about the graphics of video games and whether it mattered or not. The visuals of games have come a long way since the early days of 8-bit graphics. With every new generation of game console, we have seen a big jump in the visuals. This big jump in visuals has led […]

Foldable Smart Phones

The aesthetics of smart phones is changing fast. Samsung just announced its foldable galaxy phone. It’s the worlds first smart phone that can unfold into a tablet. Samsung is going to be the first to release such a phone, but other manufacturers are following and racing to release their own foldable phones. The smart phone […]

RES 101: Intro to Resume Design

Resumes. One of the vital pieces of paper for sealing the deal on a career. Many make the mistake in throwing all their information in chunky paragraphs with lines stretching across the page. That makes the resume visually overwhelming and unappealing. Here’s some tips to clean up your resume and make it easier to read. […]

Designing Memories

“The term ‘quilt’ comes from the Latin culcita, meaning a stuffed sack.” Quilting is an old tradition that many female members of families would follow. It was used to create a large blanket, a quilt, to bring generations together by sewing in items of fabric that had symbolism and items of clothing that had meaning […]

Snapchat: The Online Magazine

What is the first thing you check on your phone every morning? Social media, right? When it comes to government shutdowns or a new Miley Cyrus scandal, we hear it straight from our Facebook or Twitter feed. With so much dependence on social media for information, it has become the go-to news source. Magazines have […]

In the Periphery of the Musical Landscape: Album Covers

Most people would agree that the majority of popular music today isn’t the most deeply meaningful, thought out or elegant material that artists are capable of. Not to say that there aren’t exceptions, because there are many artists who are considered mainstream whose music is unquestionably complex. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all chart-topping […]

Designing for Bootlegs: Oddly Familiar Games

Think of Mario, a well-known plumber character created by the Nintendo Company. He is the main character of countless mainline games and spin off games Nintendo has created. His design his easily recognizable by the red hat, blue overalls, big nose, round build, and bushy brown mustache. With these easy symbols and notoriety, it is […]

Thursday, February 21st

As I approach my Junior year as a design student at George Mason, from time to time, I enjoy looking back at the different things that inspired me to pursue a career in design. One of my favorite sources of inspiration throughout my high school days and still to this day is seeing the multitude […]

He is the Boss: The Artwork of BossLogic

Kode Abdo, a Melbourne-born graphic artist, has been a source of inspiration and admiration of mine for quite some time. Otherwise known as BossLogic, he uses his talents in Photoshop to create his work that has been circulating the mainstream media. His work ranges from realistic to vector-based qualities so that anyone can enjoy them. […]