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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Brand Identity: Keep It Consistent!

Identities are tricky. For people, our identities are made up of our appearances, our actions, and our thoughts, but every person is fluid: we can change our appearance, widen our views, and even do things we normally wouldn’t simply because we suddenly, in that moment, felt like it.  Brand identities work in a similar way. […]


Starting with a new professor is an absolute gamble. Sometimes they’re the best professor ever and you get along splendidly and they help you grow as a designer. They genuinely care about how you turn out and that you’re prepared. Other times you find a professor to be absolutely awful. They don’t give solid feedback […]

Coins With Designs

The world around us is full of a diversity of graphic design. There are designs that are easily spotted, but there are also designs that go unnoticed. When we think about designs, things that immediately come to mind are movie posters or magazine spreads. However, coins do not come to mind instantly like posters. Until […]

The Rise of Dark Mode

Whether it is Twitter, Youtube, or even Reddit, the “Dark Theme” is everywhere. The theme is usually composed of a dark grey or dark navy background with white text on top and lessens eye strain on the user. Web and mobile applications with a dark mode or theme are easier to use in low light […]

The Crowded Isolation of Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper has an uncanny ability to capture a side of American life that we don’t typically see portrayed in art. Much of Hopper’s work depicts the mundane drama of everyday life. The scenes typically depicted a common scene of American life without any clear context, leaving the interpretation to the viewer. Many of his […]

Internet Ads

Every time you go online and look at any type of page there will most likely be an advertisement there. A lot of the times the advertisement is related to what you’re looking at online. The thing about the designs of these ads are to grab the viewers’ attention to click it and re locate […]

Sustainable Design

Designers have historically worked with an array of materials; plastics, papers, fibers, and much more are all integrated into a design’s final product. However, these products often have a finite lifespan, one which collectively places design collateral past its expiration date into our country’s waste disposal system. As designers, it is important for us to […]

Video Games: The Artistic Frontier

If Leonardo DaVinci were alive, he would be making video games. Shakespeare and Mozart and others who have inspired the world with their emotional stories and their melodies probably would also be involved in gaming. I am convinced of this because video games are not just entertainment; video games are art. Just like some of […]

Frank Frazzetta

When you think of master illustrator and painter, one of the names that come to mind is Frank Frazzetta. During the last spring break, I decided to head over to the Frazzetta Art Museum located not more than forty feet from his house. The museum is run by his children. When I entered the building […]

Tradition > New

49 cents. A buck. Eight dollars. Different prices for different greetings, depending on how much you like and care for the person. However, in this day and age, why are greeting cards so important anyway? The answer is simple. Tradition. Imagine checking the mail and receiving an envelope out of nowhere addressed to you. Inside, […]