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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Designs Taken From Nature

It’s no secret that in the design world, many designs are made from inspiration. When thinking of where the inspiration came from, it’s easy to assume that the inspiration was made by a person. Though, sometimes, someone’s inspiration comes from an unexpected place. In nature, designs are everywhere just like in cities. Though, the designs […]

Makeup Packaging

Makeup has revolutionized from high end to affordable prices. How effective are makeup companies packaging?  I as a makeup consumer I personally do not look at their packaging that well. Lately I have been taking my time to look not only at the packaging but for their ingredients. Not for allergy reasons but if there […]

Scandinavian Flags: A Design Triumph

The measurement is good design if its ability to communicate an idea or information effectively, then the flags of Scandinavian countries are a golden example of excellent design in practice. Flag design faces many of the challenges that logo design faces. The design must be simple, work well in large and small sizes, and clearly […]

Too Many Cameras?

Smart phones have been praised for the new design aesthetics they introduce every few years. These design aesthetics for example include bezeless screens and wireless charging. When the iphone x came out it was praised for introducing a bezel less screen and wireless charging to iphones. It was the same thing for the Samsung Galaxy […]

Group Projects in the Design World

There are always pros and cons that come with doing a group project. Recently I have learned more of the cons than the pros. This semester I am in a class the whole class is one group project the whole semester. The project is to create a full magazine within the semester. We must design […]

Designing in the Moment

Taking a photo is already 90% of the design. In that moment, the poses the model makes, the space the photographer frames, and the environment that surrounds the two is all a part of the design of the photo. With the photo already taken, the smaller details go in; whether it be removing unwanted blemishes/details […]

The Importance of Kerning

Spacing between individual letterforms is crucial. This amount of room, also known as kerning, makes for design-friendly text. Though kerning might seem like just a minute detail, good kerning can greatly enhance the quality of typography. When words are typed out with automatic spacing, there are often manual adjustments that need to be made. There […]


Vasjen Katro is a designer who creates daily posters every year. He is currently working on his third series, and has already completed two series (two years’ worth of daily posters). These series of posters are called Baugasm. At first, his posters were simple and generally had geometric visuals, but now his posters have become […]

The All New Miami Marlins

Once again, the Miami Marlins have chosen to start over and create an entirely new brand identity for their organization. This will be the third time the team, since the their birth in 2003, will choose to do so. The last design being as recent as 2012, when the organization went for a Miami vice […]

Other Classes

Other classes are the bane of my existence. As a “creative type” lectures and classes that I’m not necessarily interested in (i.e. science, math etc.) are hard to stomach. They are long and dry and extremely hard to pay attention to. Alternatively, it makes design classes into a haven. By contrast it makes those design […]