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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Redbubble: A Sanctuary For Artists

Artists that are just starting out have a hard time getting noticed for their hard work. They produce new and innovative content that is hardly seen by the public. While the struggle continues, some have discovered a place to practice and sell their artwork. Redbubble is a sanctuary for artists and designers. The moment a […]

Enhance Your Garden This Spring!

With spring here, everyone is starting to clean up their flowerbeds and buy fresh flowers. Figuring out what color flowers to get, the type of flowers, and the size of the plant are all relate to design. Design is everywhere whether people realize it or not. Being aware of the proportions of the plants and […]

How Instagram Changed Advertising

Have you noticed how so many brands look the same and are following the same design conventions? So called “lifestyle” brands market their products in a very similar format: A high resolution photo of the product with no text placed against a simple background (usually a solid color) that offers high contrast. The reason that […]

Komprehension of Mortal Kombat’s Logo

In case you don’t follow the gaming news or just don’t care about these kinds of games, Mortal Kombat 11 is releasing April 23, 2019. The graphics and character models have definitely changed, yet one thing that stayed is Mortal Kombat’s logo. We all know this logo, the dragon in-profile in a circular border. The […]

Movie Posters

Movie posters help set the tone for the featured movie. It helps bring in an audience that might not know what the movie is about, but feels compelled to watch because of how great the poster is. I have seen many movies over my life span and I have notice that some movie posters look […]

Branding Snoop Dogg

With the growth of legalization of marijuana in some states, packaging design is becoming a tool in order to promote their product. However, with the stigma still lingering on topic of marijuana, it’s a little difficult to approach, let alone to sell and advertise it. Snoop Dogg has recently released his own line of smoking […]

Eat Mor Chikin

One of my favorite corporate logos is the Chick-fil-a logo. It has only changed minutely in the 72 years the food chain has been open. First of all, the font is perfect. It’s playful yet elegant; using cursive yet its rounded like a fat writing utensil a child would use. The capital “A” at the […]

Lefties Left Out

Have you ever noticed that everything is made for right-handed people? Don’t believe me? Notebooks, the spiral bound is on the right side which gets in the way when left-handed people try to write on it. Binders, the rings for a binder are on the right side so when a lefty tries to write on […]

Recycled Paper Taking Over?

Paper has many purposes in today’s society as our need for printing grows. Though, what many may not realize, is that virgin paper goes through a process that is harmful to the planet while also requiring more resources to produce. Recycled paper is better than virgin paper because it doesn’t harm the environment and takes […]

A Poem for the Soul

Music is a powerful force. Melodies can haunt the soul and words can ignite inspiration. Music videos (when done well) can add a new layer of meaning to already nuanced and thought provoking music, but can divert the focus away from the lyrics being heard and emphasize melody and visual identity instead. Lyrics can be […]