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What makes a Graphic Designer and what makes us.

hey everyone I have some questions about what makes a graphic designer. This topic has come up often is still racking my brain about what make a designer and how that has anything to do with us as students in the quest for a carrer. So in my own quest for knowledge i found an article called Design Philosophy: Should Design Serve Art Or Business? The Politics Of Design on a place called Robin Good. Here is a writing from the article.

Design is a way of life, a point of view.
It involves the whole complex of visual communication: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically relate to the process.

This paragraph from the short essay made me think that if design is a way of life than there must be characteristics of someone who lives there life that way. Here a some words that i thought would be good at characteristics of people; Love for Art, Visual, Charismatic, Stubborn, Problem Solver. This are only a few i could think of if anyone can think of other ways that Us as students or you personally have an characteristic or trait that may help with any aspect of being a graphic designer. Without re establishing everything in the essay by Paul Rand i want to point out some problems that a graphic design would have to solve.

When i say love for art i mean that you like things that look good. You can see quality and like to be exposed to things that are visualizing appealing.

Unlike the the salesman, however, the designer’s overriding motivation is art: art in the service of business, art that enhances the quality of life and deepens appreciation of the familiar world.

Being a problem solver is what being a graphic designer is you are always find the best solution for a certain visual problem.

Design is a problem-solving activity. It provides a means of clarifying, synthesizing, and dramatizing a word, a picture, a product, or an event.

The want to solve a problem will lead you to research the past.

Ignorance of the history and methodology of design — how work is conceived, produced, and reproduced — adds to the difficulties and misunderstandings.

Stubbornness is always helpful in standing you ground to defend your own ideas.

Stubborness may be one of the designer’s admirable or notorious qualities (depending on one’s point of view) — a principled refusal to compromise, or a means to camouflage inadequacy.

Design cliches, meaningless patterns, stylish illustrations, and predetermined solutions are signs of such weakness.

As for Charismatic i mean a good and sense and want to have your work look good for everyone.

The designer, however, needs all the support he can muster, for his is a unique but unenviable position. His work is subject to every imaginable interpretation and to every piddling piece of fact- finding. Ironically, he seeks not only the applause of the connoisseur, but the approbation of the crowd.

This are only a few of the paragraphs pulled out that could be used to identify qualities that are necessary to be a Graphic designer and this problems. The end of Paul Rand’s Essay he talks about what is most looked for in the business world.

For the most part, the creation or effects of design, unlike science, are neither measurable nor predictable, nor are the results necessarily repeatable. If there is any assurance, besides faith, a businessman can have, it is in choosing talented, competent, and experienced designers.

Please think of aspects, characteristics or something similar that is important to being a graphic designer. It would be a good blog post to find one problem or characteristic that shows the skills needed in a future as a graphic designer.

A quick analysis of a paragraph would be an easy and quick blog topic. Just a hint.

You can comment here or start a blog that helps show what we as students have that will make us good graphic designers. I hope to see a lot of neat and creative ideas. Thanks