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Skylanders—Fun & Expensive Character Design!

Recently the cross-platform video game sequel to Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure was released.  The new game is called Skylanders: Giants and is essentially more of the same thing—a lot of fun, great design, and very expensive!

The Skylanders universe involves a player taking the role of a character of their choice and running through a set of linear levels gaining experience, collecting loot, and fighting bad guys.

The above explanation sounds similar to 90% of the RPG games out right now, doesn’t it?  Allow me to elaborate!

The developers at Toys for Bob changed things up big time by designing physical elements required to play this video game.  That’s right, in order to play this game you must purchase separate figures because the character you put on something called the “portal of power” dictates which character will literally come to life on your T.V. screen.  The thing is, if you want to completely explore everything the game has to offer, you have to purchase characters of different elements (water, air, fire, etc.).  While I can definitely appreciate the thought and creativity put into these characters and the game overall, each figure (about 3” tall) will run you $9.99 for a regular figure, $11.99 for a “LightCore” figure (has parts that light up), and $14.99 for a Giant figure.

Steep enough for you?  There’s more.

There are easily over 40 figures to collect, and some are exclusive to certain stores.  Some have been “mistakenly” painted all gold, and some are simply a different color variant than their original counterpart.  What does this all mean?  It means that on day 1 if you weren’t at your local toy retailer as they opened their doors, you were welcomed to empty shelves at the Skylanders section!

Aside from price, I completely love each and every figure they have released so far.  I like the nostalgic Pokémon feel the game has overall and the satisfaction I get as I progress my collection.  I read in an article somewhere that each figure is hand painted—I’m not sure if this is true or not, but the paintjob on each figure is fantastic.

Ultimately, I am a sucker for this type of hands on gaming and unfortunately I don’t think I’m done throwing my money at Skylanders.  Hats off to Toys for Bob, though.  They designed a great game and creative little figures, both of which are something an incredibly wide audience can enjoy.

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  1. Reshpari wrote:

    I also enjoy such games and I haven’t played this one but I think I am convinced to go out and buy it! I’ve been a fan of Spyro since I was a kid and I must say the above illustration is beautifully illustrated with detail.

    Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 6:49 am | Permalink