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Periodic Table Of Typefaces

It’s a curse of a designer to be obnoxiously aware of type. We see papyrus used on a product and refuse to bye it. We go out to lunch with our friends and say things like “did you see the sign treatment for the restrooms? I mean really.” We will be thrown into disarray over our font choices and what they’re saying to the viewer. Or maybe that’s just me. I hope it’s not just me.

Anyways, once I was taking with a friend and I pointed out a typeface that i though was being used exceptionally well. His reply was, “I don’t envy you designers, memorizing typefaces, it’s like learning 50 periodic tables.” Well I laughed a little because I had stumbled across this poster a while ago the “Periodic Table of Typefaces: Popular, Influential, & Notorious”. It’s laid out just like a periodic table, except instead of elements, there are typefaces, instead if an atomic number they have a raking, instead of the atomic weight they have the creator, and to be honest I don’t know what else is included on a periodic table, but this one also includes the type family, class, and the year created. Perhaps we should hand there out to students to learn instead!Periodic Table of Typefaces

You can view the full-sized image here :