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The Marmalade

Slow motion effects are nice aren’t they? They show details of a moment our eye would otherwise overlook. They’re used a lot in advertisements for drinks or chocolate, but have you ever wondered how they catch those high quality slow motion shots. It certainly never crossed my mind. Then one of the girls I live with showed me this short, 6-minate clip on “The Marmalade”, A company that specializes in crating those slow-motion action shots.

Perhaps it’s my experience with shows like Mythbusters, where they always have a high speed camera to capture data, but I didn’t think much would go into making high-speed video. I was so wrong, so, so wrong. The calculations, the concept art, the modeling, and even then there are variables one can’t foresee. And the technology is enough to make any engineer or mechanic blush. I mean Spike? Really? Who else is adding that thing to their Christmas list?

Slow Motion Shot

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