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Shadow Art

It’s an effect we’ve all experienced before, usually after a horror movie or a particularly frightful video game. It’s dark and you catch in your peripheral the silhouette of something dreadful. But when you look closely it was just a jacket on a char or a branch or something.

We all know how important lighting is in art, it crates the mood, highlights the things we’re supposed to see, hides the things we’re not. Tim Noble and Sue Webster use shadows to crate their art. By spotlighting unexpected objects, heaps of garbage, blocks, pieces of paper, silhouette of people become visible.

You just have to think of all the trial and error that went into this. “that apple core is too low, it looks like the person has a three chins” you move the apple core and it sends a landslide of debris. It’s really beautiful work, but I do not envy the process.